Give up hope, всяк here the entering: Chernovetsky thought up at once on an entrance to hospital to sell coffins

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The chairman of the Shevchenkovsky district state administration of Kiev Victor Pilipishin demands from the capital power to stop construction of shop of funeral services on entrance to operating hospital.

As reported in a press - Pilipishin's service, he declares that the capital power illegally tries to establish shop of funeral services on entrance to the city clinical hospital No. 9 which is on Rizhskaya Street, 1. As Pilipishin claims, neither the regional power, nor administration of hospital on his construction didn't give any soglasiya.

"It is characteristic that for the district state administration, as well as for physicians, emergence of shop became a bolt from the blue. Yesterday on the territory of hospital there arrived workers of the Forest cemetery and started concreting a platform under shop. They weren't presented, didn't provide any documents, on objection of physicians roughly waved away. Physicians and the regional power sounded at once the alarm", - the chairman of RGA notes. According to him, nobody reacted to the appeal to Head department of health care of KGGA and to service of the help of the mayor.

Pilipishin reported that the regional power caused militia which arrived to an incident place. "But after that there was one more person who showed the certificate of the worker of KGGA, and guards disappeared. Now works on a construction to shop are continued. There are reasonable suspicions that this shop will be constructed for days off and next week it already will start working", - the chairman of Shevchenkovsky RGA declared.

On his belief, emergence of shop of funeral services near hospital is mockery both at the personnel, and at patients especially as nearby is not only clinical hospital No. 9, but also district clinic No. 3.

"I demand from the city power of explanations of this incident and immediate cessation of work. Also city prosecutor's office should turn on this attention and to give to the specified actions the corresponding legal assessment", - Pilipishin declared.


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