Charter of the Russian rudeness

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To waste in the outhouse... We are ready to circumcise themselves... That at you already grew nothing... We will chew snivels... Certain sexual signs... The states and their people
became object of rudeness

At our neighbors of Russians say that with the charter to others monastery don't go. The reigning prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin not only was late for the Ukrainian resort of Yalta at three o'clock on a meeting with Yulia Timoshenko, but also took with itself the hidden charter. Rudeness charter. Really the charter of KGB in which Vladimir Vladimirovich served the most part of life was such? In the same place it seems as well as barracks weren't. From where such barracks humour?

I will remind: being in the territory of Ukraine during visit of the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and his meeting with Victor Yushchenko, "the white stone guest" afforded two boorish attacks to heads of two neighboring states (one of them - even type friendly). In - the first, arguing on a subject, than Yushchenko and Saakashvili, Putin were engaged assumed that "to two presidents always is about what to talk, to discuss something where - that to descend".He paraphrased Pushkin's known verse: "Fighters remembered the past days and fights that they together blew". In - the second, Putin advised Yushchenko and Saakashvili to have supper without ties. "What it is possible to advise, recommend still? It is better for two presidents to carry out a dinner if they have supper without ties, ties now in the price. Don't bring My God... Well, you understand me. The guest Yushchenko still will gobble up his tie".

All perfectly understood, on what Putin hinted. Widely furtively made shots on which thoughtful Saakashvili, preparing for a televised address in time российско - the Georgian war dispersed and without suspecting about someone's presence, chewed the tie.

And during a dinner to which Putin was invited by Yulia Timoshenko, he gallantly promised to speak with the lady "about Chekhov". Once in Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's play "Uncle Vanya" the well-known words were heard: "In the person everything has to be fine: both person, and clothes, both soul, and thoughts". The person and clothes is such. And as for soul and Vladimir Putin's thoughts, the author has big doubts of that they "are beautiful".

In - the first, a joke too already cheap and boorish. "Ties now in the price"... Any shopkeeper, instead of twice ex-the president, and now the prime minister of the big country. And why to distort a colloquial mot "blew" the fine poem "Song about Prophetic Oleg" which learn by heart both in Russian, and at the Ukrainian schools? It befits the schoolboy - the poor student more.

In - the second, this rudeness shows the low vindictiveness inherent in nature of Vladimir Putin. He can't forgive Yushchenko the humiliation of times of the Maidan in any way, two congratulations to Yanukovych on presidency which exposed it before the whole world the irresponsible gas-bag. Besides Yushchenko could drive in addition up the wall Putin, having mixed a name and a middle name it an alter - his Dmitry Anatoliyevich Medvedev (I named "Anatoly Dmitriyevich). By the way, in Russia such joke walks: Putin kept the election pledge of 2001 to double gross domestic product. It is doubled now - one big gross domestic product Putin and one small - Medvedev.

And as for Saakashvili, here a known formula "to whom I have to, I forgive all" works at Putin exactly the opposite. Russia intruded on the territory of Georgia, occupied Abkhazia and South Ossetia - and now the leader of Russia doesn't want to forgive for it the leader of the robbed Georgia.

As a whole the next example of boorish verbal behavior of mister Putin at all doesn't surprise. After promises "to waste in the outhouse" terrorists... After the "elegant" answer to a question why the wife of the prime minister Putin flies with it by helicopter to an inspection trip to the Caucasus - "She was got involved"... After a "polite" appeal to members of the State Council and Security council "Here it is necessary to look! And to listen that I speak!. " (November, 2003).

"If you are ready to become the most radical Islamist and are ready to circumcise yourself, I invite you to Moscow. We have such experts. I will recommend to perform operation so that at you already grew nothing", - Putin in November, 2002 after the summit RUSSIA - EU in response to the statement of one of journalists declared absence of freedom in the Russian Federation.

"We will chew snivels here for years? We already how many speak on this subject - with 99-го years? Almost occurs nothing, only one conversations. All this шуруют there, without ceasing, in large quantities. And is made to stimulate nothing processing in the territory of Russia", - the Russian President in March, 2006 at meeting with members of the government told.

"If the grandmother had certain sexual signs, she would be a grandfather. The policy doesn't suffer a conditional way", - Putin told, answering at a meeting in June, 2006 with heads of leading news agencies of the countries of "eight" a question of possible introduction of sanctions against Iran.

Such examples of barracks humour of Putin it is possible to give yet one ten. However in this case case special. Ex-the colonel of KGB chose as a target of heads of the neighboring sovereign states. And here business at all in the relation to concrete to Victor Yushchenko and Mikheil Saakashvili (at the author this relation is the extremely ambiguous). The states and their people became object of rudeness.

P.S.Therefore especially annoyingly that the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko obsequiously giggled, listening to Putin's words... That only I didn't demand penalties for a shortage of gas, it is somehow provided in the agreements signed by it.

Pyotr Osadchuk


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