The People's Deputy of Ukraine N. Kruglov opposed adoption of law about cancellation of market collecting and assures that it wrote in a hurry

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Cancellation of market collecting will punch an irreplaceable gap in local budgets. The People's Deputy of Ukraine, the first deputy chairman of committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on tax and customs policy Nikolay Kruglov holds such opinion, - the Evening Nikolaev newspaper reports.

"It is not worked and imperfect bill. Attempt to make changes to the budget attracts the rigid requirement, - in the same bill it is necessary to specify at the expense of what dropping-out expenses will be compensated. In this case at cancellation of market collecting it is serious part of the income. Everything has to be in details analysed, and it isn't present", - N. Kruglov commented on the bill submitted for consideration in the Verkhovna Rada by the government of Yulia Timoshenko, "About modification of the legislation of Ukraine concerning the taxation in respect of cancellation of market collecting".

Serious objections, according to the People's Deputy, that breaks this law balance between profitable and account parts of local budgets causes, - the offer to cancel market collecting is brought, but how to compensate losses, not clearly.

In the bill compensation of market collecting by a 15-percentage tax which the businessmen working with the fixed rate of the taxation will pay, - from the sum exceeding 119 thousand UAH of a revenue, and payers of a uniform tax if their annual revenue exceeds 500 thousand UAH is provided. That is, with everyone to hryvnia which exceeds these rates, 15% are paid, - is so told in the bill. It also will make compensation, and these means remain in local budgets.

But, as Nikolay Kruglov, - the sums insufficient considers.

"There is a question, and how many such cases of excess of rates? We have information on businessmen who worked at a uniform tax and exceeded the sum of 500 thousand. Last year when still anybody knew nothing about this 15-percentage tax, all on their area was 65. Generally in the city of Nikolaev. But there are rural areas where such businessmen in general aren't present.There is a question, if such which revenue exceeds 500 thousand UAH, in general not how this market collecting will be compensated? For example, in the Bereznegovatsky region of such businessmen isn't present this year, and wasn't last year, that is it turns out, what to in exchange taken-away market collecting the budget of this area will receive nothing? Besides, on dynamics it is visible: last year such businessmen was 65, in they are 26. Whether not therefore, what became known of a 15-percentage tax? If this is so, already is now clear that over 500 thousand anybody won't show these figures", - the People's Deputy of Ukraine is sure.

Due to the adoption of this bill there are also other serious problems about which Nikolay Kruglov speaks. The fact of payment of market gathering of the person trading in the market, exempts from obligatory existence of the cash register and maintaining accounts department unlike those who doesn't trade in the market and market collecting doesn't pay, and carries out trade activity in the shop, pavilion or still where - that. They, including working at a uniform tax, have to have control - the cash register and the magazine reflecting movement of commodity resources, and to conduct the accounts department showing that there was no income over 500 thousand UAH. It is controlled by listing of the cash register. People who work at the fixed tax, at all don't conduct any accounts department. To check them, they exceeded the boundary income in 119 thousand UAH or not, - it is almost impossible. The new mechanism of control of their activity in the bill isn't provided not. The deputies, undertaken to write this law, according to Nikolay Kruglov, don't understand many nuances because never were engaged in administration of taxes.

"Some things in the bill which is now submitted in the second reading, are considered, - the People's Deputy speaks, - but is clear that this document became in a hurry. It is important to focus attention on one: if last year market collecting, with excess of the income of 500 thousand UAH which on area in total made slightly more than 2 million isn't raised, and on market collecting the area received 14502,5 thousand UAH, actually we would lose more than ten million. So the law in such look gives nothing to us, the city community loses essential means, and the income and expenses turn out not balanced.

According to Nikolay Kruglov, there is one more aspect which needs to be considered, - that tax laws at us are interconnected.They aren't always tied with each other directly, but they are crossed in any norms, details therefore the new bill "About Modification of the Legislation of Ukraine concerning the Taxation in respect of Cancellation of Market Collecting" in such look can't be adopted, it is given up, at least, six acts.

"This bill bears populist, political and pre-election character, and, in my opinion, it won't be accepted, - the People's Deputy emphasized. - It is necessary to deal with a problem of market collecting, in this question there is a lot of confused, but it is necessary to do it professionally and thoughtfully, penetrating into all aspects".


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