Herman - Tymoshenko: You remind the character from "Eneida"

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"Regionalka" Anna Hermann declares that erudition of the candidate for president Yulia Timoshenko doesn't exceed level of jokes.

About it it is spoken in its comment under heading "But angry Juno... " on Tymoshenko's address on the occasion of Day of Freedom in which the prime minister, in particular compared the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych to a doggie - the loser from a joke.

"Tymoshenko's erudition never reached above links to jokes. Eventually, as well as its lexicon. It is a pity that advisers to the head of the government couldn't convince Yulia Vladimirovna to refuse a street slang though in the Address to the people on the occasion of Day of freedom", - Hermann declared.

She noted that if to resort to comparisons, Tymoshenko is reminded too to it by one character.

"Yulia Vladimirovna reminds me other character. And not from a street joke, and from "Eneida" of Kotlyarevsky. I hope that the same advisers will explain to Yulia Vladimirovna, about whom the speech. Just in case, that it again didn't mix as once, Iván Franco with Olga Kobilyanskaya", - Hermann declared.

Making comments on Tymoshenko's statement concerning Yanukovych "on сущесвту", the deputy declared:

"After 2004-guo Yanukovych never I lost elections. Any. In the spring of 2006 the Pariah of regions led by it won parliamentary elections. In the fall 2007-го after the anticonstitutional dispersal of parliament initiated by Tymoshenko the Party of Regions again was the first by results of people will".

"Our party will be the first and in 2010 - m", - Hermann is sure.

According to her, that "Tymoshenko promises to return never to "the oligarchical past", it is good, as this her past, as this past Pavel Lazarenko who gave her the permit in so-called big-time politics".

"Democracy, according to Tymoshenko's understanding - "it is accurate and beautiful". About it I remember "Brothers Gadyukinykh" - "всьо accurately", - Hermann noted.

"And that "I will make all itself", there was such program on the former Soviet television. In it told how it is possible by means of only one hammer and nailing to make the shelf, to fill a water siphon with gas and to make so that doors didn't creak", - "regionalka" added.

"You already made (Tymoshenko) Ukraine "high quality".You already "broke through" it in all directions. Leave her alone, this Ukraine, Yulia Vladimirovna", - Hermann called.

She also noted that "day of Freedom isn't appointed - and that some tens people which appeared on the Independence Maidan yesterday (on Sunday), bright to that confirmation".

"That the people himself came to squares to show solidarity with the high concept "freedom", it is necessary that political conductors at least didn't address to it at the level of street jokes", - Hermann emphasized.


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