The earth will be received by all. But not at once

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How to receive the state act confirming the property right to the personal or garden plot? How long issue of such acts will remain free? What documents for this purpose need to be provided? In what authorities it is necessary to address? As practice shows, today these questions are very actual among many inhabitants of the Nikolaev area, especially rural regions.

In recent years more and more people become owners of the land plots. Someone buys these sites, someone inherits, but the considerable part of our citizens privatizes that earth which was in their using. This process went all years of the Ukrainian independence. However men of means became happy owners of the state act on the earth before, as a rule. After all obtaining this document cost to the owner of a personal or garden plot from several honeycombs to several thousand hryvnias. And not all, especially if to speak about the pensioners, being able to lay out this money for documents on that earth which they processed for years, and in many cases and decades.

But in recent months all of us became witnesses of a new wave of land boom. The reason - in the Cabinet No. 844 resolution of August 5 of this year. This document provides free issue of the State acts on the property right to the land plots. If to be exact that, it it will be far not free, the citizen, and the state budget will pay only it not.

Today tasks for citizens are most simplified. To receive the State act on the property right to the land plot from the owner of a site it is required to provide the following package of documents: copies of the passport, identification code and the decision of the Village Council on transfer of this site to it in property. If such decision isn't present, to the citizen who received the earth in using, it is necessary to submit also the application for transfer of this site to property.And in this case from you it is required also the reference from the State land registry that you yet have no privatized ground.

If it is a question of personal plots, citizens have to address in the Village Council, if about gardening sites outside settlements, in the relevant district state administrations. Copies of all necessary archival documents are transferred today to these authorities.

Better to understand how affairs with privatization of the earth and issue of the relevant documents in Nikolayevshchina now are, we will address to background. In 1992 the relevant decree of Cabinet of Ministers which provided was adopted that during 1993 all land plots which are in using of citizens, will be privatized. But this process moved ahead very slowly from - for raising from year to year costs of the state act and bureaucratic red tape at paperwork. Therefore action of this decree repeatedly lasted. According to the chief of regional management of land resources Vladimir Yanchuk, during action of this decree in the Nikolaev area the number of the citizens having the right for privatization of the land plots was defined. Them were nearly 350 thousand. For these years nearly 280 thousand from them submitted applications for privatization of the sites. On them local self-government institutions made the relevant decisions, and prior to resolution No. 844 action in the Nikolaev area from 280 thousand citizens who have submitted applications, nearly 230 thousand received the of Gosakta on the property right to the land plots.

Thus, according to regional management of land resources, without state acts on the earth there were about 120 thousand citizens. Documentation on them also makes that amount of works which needs to be executed according to Resolutions of Cabinet of Ministers No. 844. For these purposes from the state budget for the Nikolaev area it is allocated 7 million 135 thousand hryvnias. And, originally they had to be mastered until the end of 2009. At first on production of one state act 56,6 UAH were provided, but already on October 21 in the additional resolution of Cabinet of Ministers No. 1112 this sum grew to 153 UAH. But the most important that the same resolution prolonged also the term of delivery to citizens of free state acts for the earth. Who didn't receive them this year, will be able to make it in 2010. The reasons of transfer of terms are clear: now the end of fall, a season of field land use planning works comes to an end.Light day, cold, the rain, the become limp earth and other difficulties decreased. Not to mention a flu epidemic. In general the season of field works in the sphere of land management begins on April 15 and had to end still on October 15. But, nevertheless, a season prolonged, and people now work.

Till September 1 for area the need for a manpower for work "in the field" was defined, it made 490 people, thus, that at that time in all land use planning organizations of area wasn't gathered and 50. To complete field crews, it was necessary to attract and students profile ВЫШев, and the people consisting on the account in an employment service. For them special two-week courses whereas in technical school the training program is calculated on 4 years were organized. Today 175 crews of numbering 500 people work in the field.

The number of field crews in our area the greatest across Ukraine, and, as a result, Nikolayevshchina is in the lead on performance of field works. Today measurements of 21 thousand land plots are carried already out. As for rates of issue of state acts on the earth, they just also are rather insignificant. But, according to Vladimir Yanchuk, now and not them to give out time. Strategy of the Nikolaev regional management of land resources is that while weather allows, it is necessary to execute the maximum number of works in the field. And it will be possible to issue acts and when rains with the sleet will go or will strike frosts. Then time for cameral works will come - so in the sphere of land management works on development and creation of technical documentation, the statement it at sessions of village councils, coordination with regional departments of land resources and production of state acts are called.

For timely performance of cameral works the computer hall in Nikolaevsk branch of the state land registry is created. There 10 computers and 10 printers are installed. This equipment allows to make 700-800 state acts in a day. The equipment of institute of land management has the same power also. According to Vladimir Yanchuk, if necessary, performance of cameral works can be organized in three changes. And here field works need to be made as much as possible now while weather allows. Except human resources, for performance of these works additional transport and fuel are required.

- It should be noted, as the regional state administration and the district state administrations give Goskomzem's divisions feasible help.That is made, is a merit, first of all, employees of the land use planning organizations, local governments, regional and the regional state administrations. Land surveyors have no claims to them, - V. Yanchuk speaks. - Today field crews are provided both accommodation, and food, and all necessary. This help is especially important in conditions when the funds allocated by the state budget, it isn't enough. Besides the allocated funds arrive only upon performance of work, and current assets don't suffice.

By quantity of the measured land plots better than all business are in Bashtansky and Kazankovsky areas - more than 2000 sites. They are followed closely Veselinovsky, Elanetsky, by Novobugsky and Voznesensky areas. In too time with slower rates work today in Arbuzinsky and Bereznegovatsky areas.

Once again we pay attention of readers that free receiving the State acts on the property right to the land plots isn't limited this year as it was originally provided by the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers No. 844. Terms of production and issue of state acts at the expense of the budget are prolonged by the additional resolution No. 1112 before the termination of 2010. And who won't manage to receive this document now, will be able to make it next year.



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