Yushchenko asked Gaddafi to release the vessel "Ariana" onboard which there are Nikolaev seamen

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The leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi agreed to be the intermediary in negotiations on release of the Ukrainian seamen from the notorious vessel "Ariana" which was earlier captured by pirates near coast of Somalia. About it report "The Ukrainian news"

with reference to radio "Svoboda".

In particular, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Raisa Bogatyryova after a meeting with Gaddafi in Tripoli reported that the President Victor Yushchenko himself in the letter to the Libyan leader asked Gaddafi about this service.

"It (Gaddafi) undertook negotiations and it already held negotiations with the Somali party, explaining a position of the Ukrainian power, and trying to convince the Somali representatives that this vessel with the Ukrainian seamen wasn't engaged in fishing in this sea region", - Bogatyreva reported.

According to her, dialogue which there began "the influential political leader - the leader of September revolution, with Somalis has to come to the end all - with positive shifts for us".

Ukraine, according to Bogatyreva, supports a position of Gaddafi which he stated at the last session of the United Nations General Assembly and which is that the problem of a piracy demands the decision. And for this purpose, in turn, it is necessary to find the reasons of a piracy and to liquidate them.

As earlier I declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine isn't going to apply any military operations to release of crew of a vessel.

It is known that the Ariana bulk ship was captured on May 2, 2009 to North - I will sink down from the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. The bulk ship followed from Brazil to the Middle East with freight in 35 thousand tons of soy.

Pirates demanded from the owner repayment. In hostages pirates still have 24 seamen from Ukraine. On a vessel also there is a woman who had an abortion.


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