A. Gritsenko agrees with the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika in making the museum

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In time a press - conferences in Odessa with the candidate for presidency Anatoly Gritsenko asked a question of destiny of the powerful Ukraine guided missile cruiser which costs nearly 20 years "dead freight" in Nikolaev.

G - Gritsenko's N, we perfectly know that the Black Sea region - the explosive region. It was both in XIX, and in XX, and in the XXI century. We see that strong powers got used to resolve the issues by means of military force, removing international law. It doesn't seem to you, what we should be engaged in strengthening of ours voyenno - sea positions and, suppose, existence of such vessel how the cruiser "Ukraine" nowadays rusting, with any image would provide us from possible claims for these or those territories? We know, as Russian, both certain Romanian politicians and journalists already frankly speak on these questions, transfers the edition Odessa-daily.com.ua

Here at least four questions, but I will try to answer:
The first. I agree with your statement that great powers which consider itself as those, don't observe norm of international law and begin war there and then where and when it is favorable to them irrespective of the fact which laws are (now discuss Medvedev's initiative) or not - has no value. So the Union worked, States, China, France, and, unfortunately, so worked and will work.

The second. I don't agree that the Black Sea region is explosive. It can be absolutely quiet. And for the last two decades it became much quieter, than was earlier, thanking including to collective efforts - joint operations in the Mediterranean, on distant approaches where we participated also, both Russia, and NATO countries, thanking Sy Faure on all connection of all countries which are washed by the Black Sea, plus a tripartite initiative - Ukraine, Russia, Turkey - three powerful powers of this region Faded. It is a joint initiative of safety. The tendency on demilitarization of presence at the Black Sea is absolutely clear, it is correct.

The third - strengthening of sea borders. Yes, it is necessary, but the key class of the ship which is necessary to us is a corvette.We are capable to make it, I went round all enterprises repeatedly, even in the status of the chairman of the State Committee. For 62% it will be our ship, the rest is our suppliers what - still yet didn't solve.

As for "Ukraine" - there are a lot of questions. As the professional military I can tell: the ship of such class isn't necessary to us, and for this sea - especially. He is very dear in providing, in itself as fighting unit he doesn't mean anything, for it the whole chain of the ships of maintenance, and on its "finishing" is necessary, and for the contents we will spend more, than for all fleet of corvettes and boats of a fast class. Therefore choosing by criterion "efficiency - cost" such ship isn't necessary to us. It was known to professionals 15 years ago. Unfortunately, didn't suffice to spirit to raise a voice and to tell it honestly. Both then and now from the budget of the Ministry of Defence millions to support him though in any state are spent. I held negotiations with the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, unfortunately, there is no buyer now on such class of the ship, and it is a problem therefore its destiny is suspended.

The Nikolaev mayor spoke about making it the museum. Perhaps it would be most - unfortunately! - the best decision, is better, than it is simple to cut its. In it tens of millions hryvnias are enclosed.

The reference from the open encyclopedia "Wikipedia":

The Ukraine guided missile cruiser (earlier - the Admiral of Fleet Lobov) - Voyenno's military guided missile cruiser - naval forces of Ukraine. It is constructed at shipbuilding plant of a name of 61 Communards in Nikolaev.


The project of the Ukraine guided missile cruiser was developed by Northern design office in Leningrad. Construction began at shipbuilding plant of a name of 61 Communards in Nikolaev summer of 1984 by request of Voyenno - navy of the USSR.

On August 11, 1990 the cruiser was floated. On October 1, 1993 it was brought out of structure of the Navy of the Russian Federation and I carried over Ukraine. On February 17, 1998 the president of Ukraine made the decision on cruiser completion.

In August, 2004 the decision on cruiser opening for excursion visit was made.

Now the Ukrainian party conducts negotiations on cruiser sale.


The ship is equipped with a missile system of average radius of action of C-300 the "Fort", representing sea option of overland C-300 system.Besides, 16 launchers of the anti-ship missiles "Basalt", 3 batteries six-barreled 30 - mm of guns of joint stock company-630 "Pennant", 2 five-pipe torpedo tubes, 130 - mm artillery systems of the main caliber and many other things are onboard installed. For investigation and correction of fire there is a helicopter.


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