At us with medicine everything is so bad because "our highest policy stays today in a condition of slight schizophrenia"

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After presidential election the medicine in Ukraine becomes free. Has to become. Why has to? Yes because it is wanted practically by all candidates for president. It it was declared yesterday at meeting Nikolaev a press - club, meeting which gave start of a new action - "From the free press to open policy. Election of the president of Ukraine 2010".

Similar meetings will be weekly held prior to the beginning of elections, their purpose - to present a position of candidates of rather actual problems of the state and a way of their decision. Organizers of an action already decided on subjects of meetings which all will be 14. Subject of the first such meeting which took place yesterday, - a condition of health care in our state and a way of its development.

At one table on November 26 gathered not only representatives of mass media, but also representatives of candidates for president in the Nikolaev area, however, not all. Gathered it was offered to listen in the beginning to opinion of the expert in branch of health careVictor Vedyapin(the head of the commission of a regional council concerning health protection), and already then to begin discussion.

However representative of Arseniy YatsenyukVasily Flyakwith indignation I noted that he knows everything and doesn't consider it necessary someone to listen. "It is necessary to state positions of candidates, instead of to spend time", - V. Flyak declared. But indignation of the all-knowing representative Yatsenyuk wasn't taken into account and he had to listen together with allVictor Vidyapin(which, however, isn't the disinterested person as represents Party of Regions).

PositionV. Vidyapinait was a little inconsistent, but quite consecutive in criticism of the operating government. "Fear before epidemic and the Californian flu in the majority decided", - I declaredVidyapin.But as he said, epidemic showed as far as our health care isn't ready to serious tests, and all from - that necessary tests, drugs, bandages …

weren't bought in time

Representative of the incumbent presidentAlexander SadykovI agreed with everything that Victor Vedyapin spoke, having noted that our medicine now is in a terrifying state. But all this, by wordsA. Sadykova, is in competence level below - in competence of an executive branch of the power, the Cabinet, and on the other hand, it depends on that what money is allocated and what programs are accepted by parliament.

"The Soviet medicine was one of the best medicine in the world, - decided to express and the authoritative opinion the representative of the candidate from KPUNikolay Dzardanov. - And continuation of this medicine is Cuba, where the lowest mortality in the world and the highest birth rate". I rememberedN. Dzardanovand the best labor shots which once were in the Soviet hospitals, now in hospitals - bribes and corruption. By wordsN. Dzardanova, in the state there has to be a free medicine and accurate percent from gross domestic product which would be allocated for health care branch.

Vasily FlyakI stated a position of Arseniy Yatsenyuk (with which he, according to him, absolutely agrees): "Our medicine can be characterized as the extremely unsatisfactory, as such which need to be changed. It is necessary to make changes, even the whole front of changes". The future of Ukraine for free, budgetary, medicine, I declaredV. Flyak.As for financing, he noted that it isn't money, and in that as to use them.

Sergey Tigipko's representativeAlexander BoltyanskyI expressed opinion, it is necessary what to be guided by the European countries and medicine it is necessary to tighten to the European level. On such statementN. Dzardanovreacted a question - "Why then all epidemics to us go from America, from Europe and other civilized countries if at them everything is so good? ", but the answer to it didn't receive.

The candidate for president Alexander Pabat, according to his representative, will fight for that in Ukraine it became prestigious to be healthy, well and, certainly, for free medicine and control of prices of medicines and medical preparations.

People's DeputyVladimir Yavorivskyfrom BYuT fraction having complained about the decision of the president to veto the law on billion allocation on fight against flu, I declared that "our highest policy stays today in a condition of slight schizophrenia, while easy". According to him, to explain logically actions of the highest echelons of power incredibly hard.

Generally, all agreed that the medicine needs to be changed as that which we now have, is no good. Well, nikolayevets need to count up only days to elections, and after them will be both free health service, and acceptable prices of medicines, and professionals in white dressing gowns … All this will be if to trust promises of candidates and their representatives.


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