Kolomoysky is monthly enriched at the expense of "Ukrnafta" on 500 million

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The last auction on the Ukrainian oil on UMVB became the cynical certificate of how it is possible to turn the oil rivers in the necessary direction. Today the barrel of the Ukrainian oil costs $50 while the world price for barrel comes nearer to a mark of $80 for barrel

As a result of such auctions for the last month the Ukrnafta company (which controlling stake belongs to the state) received less profits more than in half a billion hryvnias. That is, a half of that sum for which the prime minister - the minister and the president so persistently battle for elimination of swine flu.

"Essential deviations of the "auction" prices of the Ukrainian oil from the market were for the first time noted at the beginning of 2008, and in the current year the prices of oil raw materials of "Ukrnafta" became cheaper than the cost of alternative import grades of oil by 2-4 times. Application of the above-stated technique of an assessment of the half-received profit of JSC Ukrnafta shows that for 2008-2009 the total half-received profit of the company reached over 7 billion hryvnias" - about it is spoken in the And-95 consulting group message.

Experts repeatedly specified that low cost of the Ukrainian oil is caused by conditions of carrying out auctions. Only the companies affiliated about business - Privat group there can buy raw materials. Cheap sold oil is delivered for processing on the Kremenchug oil refinery which too is operated by "Privat's" managers. Also it is delivered to also under control "Privatu's" enterprise and also state - Jure "Ukrtransneft".

"Huge part of national property and pride: "transit potential" the states of Ukraine appeared under complete control of private structure of FPG "Privat". Meanwhile without change of the owner but only a method of raider replacement of management "Ukrtransnafta", - I told "proUA" ex-the director of the department of questions of oil, gas and oil-processing industry of Ministry of Fuel and Energy Leonid Kosyanchuk.

"Privat" promised to fill the Ukrainian market with the Caspian oil, having declared that arrangements with the Azerbaijani state company SOCAR already are. However, eventually it appeared that it not absolutely so, more precisely, at all so.

"According to our information, "Privat" has no long-term contracts with Socar. And this information at us from the Ukrainian representation of the Azerbaijani state company", - speaks to the deputy director scientifically - "Psikhey's" technical center Gennady Ryabtsev "Occurs very dangerous, disturbing scenario in the petromarket. And that nobody can resist to implementation of this scenario is disturbs. It seems to me that many don't realize importance of the events. Both "Ukrtransnafta" and her high patrons put in ears of officials the events version", - told "proUA" the director of "A-95 consulting group" Sergey Kuyun.


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