The People's Deputy from WELL - NANOSECOND Novikov praised the director "the Delta - the Pilot" Golodnitsky: "The young head was quick"

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The commission from deputies of the Verkhovna Rada on check of The Delta — the Pilot enterprise isn't created yet, however already there is a list of people who will be engaged in checks. One of them is the People's Deputy from WELL - NANOSECONDOleg Novikov.

Despite it, the deputy doesn't see emergency in commission creation.

- Today I estimate a situation on "the Delta - the Pilot" as positive, - toldOleg Novikov. - Because in comparison with the previous management which during the activity found time to construct unfortunate hundred meters of a notorious dam, the today's head achieved that works practically come to the end.

- The present young head was rather quick, - considersNovikov. - And whatever said that he is Vinsky's person, however Vinsky isn't present, and the enterprise works. I consider that today there is only one claim is a claim to the former management which really signed fictitious contracts with the nonexistent construction organizations - we will tell so, irrationally used the allotted budgetary means. But it, again - militia and prosecutor's office business. They carry on an investigation and will put the end in this case.

The deputy says that doesn't support creation of the commissions "at the slightest pretext".

- We will create the deputy commissions on a question of theft of chicken at any grandmother in the village soon, - it considers. - Perhaps, recognizing that it is necessary to push workers of a consequence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and prosecutor's office, to accelerate investigation of those abuses which were at the former management, the commission really should be created. Though, as far as I know, the law-enforcement car works slowly, but grinds very small. But anyway I will be included surely into this commission if it is created. If - because today I heard opinion that, maybe, and it isn't necessary to create it.


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