Yushchenko explained why the payment for transit of gas has to grow by 3 times

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The president of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO again called dull and unpromising the gas contracts signed by Ukraine and Russia in January, 2009.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, he told about it today in Donetsk, speaking at a forum of the Congress of the Ukrainian intellectuals.

According to the President, the politician who pursues the government, it threatens national interests of Ukraine, and, first of all, concerns gas agreements with Russia.

"Gas agreements - simply dull in which there is no prospect", - V. Yushchenko emphasized.

He again was indignant with that Russia almost raised gas price while the price of transit of gas remained invariable for Ukraine three times.

"I am sure that, charge to someone from present at a hall, anybody because everyone understands wouldn't go to this arrangement that gas which we use for transit, - technical gas, is 80% of cost of a tariff", - the President told. He explained that if gas price increased three times, service in its delivery has to increase, at least, also three times because technological gas has prime cost.

Besides, V. Yushchenko scarified that contracts provided penalties for a shortage of certain volumes of gas.

"We have to pay 8,5 billion dollars of a penalty that gas didn't gather additionally. But why Russia doesn't pay 8,5 billion that it didn't pump over one quarter of gas which had to put through the territory of Ukraine", - V. Yushchenko told, having added: "Russia claimed that will pump over 110 billion (gas cubic meter), but pumped over 25 billion less. That don't pay? After all the pumping-over station works both at 1 billion, and on 25 billion. The personnel works, energy goes … So why they say that we didn't choose the plan and we pay. And that we didn't pump over, nobody pays to us".

Summarizing told, V. Yushchenko emphasized that the politician who thinks not of elections, and of the country is necessary to Ukraine ".


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