The Vienna led party

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The leader it is national - the patriotic association "For Democracy and Justice" Iosif VINSKY is elected today the chairman of the party "Public authority".

As reported the UNIAN in a press - service of this organization, such decision was made today at the third congress "Public authority".

Congress also elected new governing bodies of party and approved the new party program.

"All main parties of today's Ukraine - are created or bought by oligarchs and protect their interests. The only exit from this situation - to change all present system, having broken off a chain "oligarchs - the politician - the power - the state", - I told I.VINSKIY, addressing delegates of congress.

According to the program accepted at congress, the purpose of Public authority party development of democratic and fair Ukraine without oligarchs is.

In particular, the program of populists declares such purposes as creation of the new is market - a planned economy at which the state predicts economy and society development for 10 and more years forward, and also concentration in hands of the state of 20-30 key monopolies.

Among a full lot also nationalization of the strategic enterprises privatized illegally, return to state ownership by repayment of those enterprises which were privatized for nothing. But, it is noted in the program, nationalization won't concern any enterprise which was constructed "from scratch" by private business.

The party also considers necessary to liquidate a huge gap in level of the income between several thousand superrich and million poor citizens by means of redistribution mechanisms. "Social justice - one of the major conditions for successful development of Ukraine. The gap in the income between the richest and poorest layers of the population of the country will be gradually reduced and will make not 1:40, as today in Ukraine, and 1:5 - 1:6 as it now in the majority of the European countries", - it is spoken in the party program.

Besides, "Public authority" plans to enter the constitutional norm about obligatory hourly compensation. "The size of minimum wages and pensions under no circumstances won't be less living wage", - it is noted in the program.

"Modern Ukraine shows not development, and deep degradation, having turned into the country with the destroyed economy and the poor people. The main reason for a similar state of affairs is in modern Ukraine that the state and the power work for a narrow circle of oligarchs and clans, instead of on all society, killing that the main principles of healthy society: right and justice. We will use the best efforts to build such country which is deserved by our people: without corruption and an arbitrariness of imperious officials and judges, with a worthy standard of living and equal opportunities for all, with care of the state of everyone and with responsibility of everyone before the state. For us the truth, we will surely win! ", - I declared I.VINSKIY.


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