The deputy of the Nikolaev City Council A. Kurchenko considers the daughter of the adviser to head of a regional council T. Bugayenko as the moral disabled person

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In time a body - a press - conferences on November 27 on which representatives of BYuT - нардепactedRoman Zabzalyuk, deputy of the City CouncilAlexander Kurchenkoand authorized representative of Yulia TimoshenkoLeonid Klimenko, the Nikolaev journalists brought up a question of capture of the earth of DYuSSh.

- Today in Nikolaev begins next zemelno - construction scandal. In the downtown in the territory which belonged until recently детско - junior sports school, the house is under construction. This construction connect with a name of the deputy of regional council, the long-term deputy of the mayor, and nowadays the adviser to the head of the Nikolaev regional council -Bugayenko's Ivanovna's Tamils.As far as this communication is justified what has to be reaction, possibly reaction already is.

- Communication quite direct, - was told by the deputy of the Nikolaev city councilAlexander Kurchenko. - How the part of DYuSSh was taken: there once there was an ordinary arbor which it is difficult to call a capital construction. But nevertheless.The lease contract of city property, municipal property, is signed with the daughter Tamily of Ivanovna who on the husband carries other surname.She leases this arbor. Then under the guise of reconstruction on this place construction, an arbor, naturally begins, jumps out and under construction, according to documents, a drugstore. I made a deputy inquiry in Bureau of technical inventory and received the answer that no property there is present, technical documentation is absent. Still all circumstances are investigated, but already now it isn't clear to me how could issue property if in BTI there are no documents. This one. Both the second, and most important is a morality.I in general consider such people as moral disabled people,whether that. They don't know that is good, and that is bad. It is impossible to do such things - to take and take away from children's sports school the earth. And children where? To throw out? It is unacceptable for me.

- It is really scandalous thing, - I supported the member of the same partyRoman Zabzalyuk.- And it is unfortunately characteristic for separate category of figures who People simply try to exploit the political force only […] become hostages here such adventurers.


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