The court supported the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. What's next?

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On June 28 in the Central district court of Nikolaev considered the administrative claim of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies about restriction of realization of civil law of a number of parties and the organizations on carrying out meetings.

As defendants acted Progressively - socialist party of Ukraine, the Congress of the Ukrainian Nationalists, the All-Ukrainian association "Freedom", the Nikolaev organization "Young Guard", Bugo - the Black Sea Kosh of the Ukrainian Cossacks, and also the "Industrialists and Businessmen of Nikolaev" organization.

The matter is that all above-mentioned organizations planned for the same day, in the same place and approximately in at one time various political actions.

As these political organizations are representatives of contradictory camps and between them already there were skirmishes, to SBU paid special attention to their mutual desire to hold "joint" events. On the operational information provided by the chief of USBU in the Nikolaev areaYury Paramonovto the Nikolaev mayorTo Vladimir Chaika, this day an asset IN "Freedom" and KUNA planned to carry out torch procession down the street Soviet in honor of Roman Shukhevich's anniversary, and PSPU and "Young Guard" with support to "the Donbass Russia" - a counteraction for the purpose of failure of torch procession.

Considering all available information, business reached court with the formulation "considering a psychoemotional condition of people and possibility of pro-execution of the weapon and explosive". The Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies asked court to forbid all listed organizations any political actions this day.

From first minute of meeting strange things started becoming clear. It appeared that neither from KUNA, nor from "Freedom" representatives weren't. Or rather, weren't presented because "the sent kazachok" KUNA was in a hall, but neither it to be presented, nor I didn't wish to be responsible for activity of the organization. Interests of the right organizations representedAlexander Malitskyfrom the People's Movement of Ukraine and somebodyAnatoly Ilchenko, declared to non-parties. And to provide the power of attorney on the basis of which they can represent interests of other organizations not a smog any of them.

Began even more interestingly further.The representative of the Ukrainian Cossacks declared that their organization didn't submit any applications and according to any meetings didn't plan. The application submitted to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies on behalf of the regional ataman, he called arbitrariness of one of members of the organization. Apparently, victims of the same adventure businessmen and industrialists of Nikolaev fell.

Representative of Management of public safety of city militiaAlexey Miroshnichenko, being present at court, after the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies I asked court to forbid mass demonstrations to both parties, motivating it with that demands for carrying out actions arrived too late and forces of militia are already distributed. If it is necessary to attract even more staff, other districts of the city remain without due protection.

Funny, but "defender" right recognized the Malitsky claim and from the very beginning agreed with the offer to forbid meetings this day. Remained a riddle, whether there was a carrying out torch procession by provocation from the very beginning or right changed the plans therein.

The original statement was made by Anatoly Ilchenko. He suggested to allow holding actions to both parties, and responsibility for disorders conferred on militia which, according to him "pretends that can't separate fighting".

Didn't do, certainly, without mutual reproaches and a recall of old offenses. Right remembered a last year's fight of PSPU with KUHN on Lenin Square. Left reminded that investigation of circumstances of holding an action "We - for NATO! " the Nikolaev prosecutor's office on charge of violent attraction of studying youth is engaged.

Further the parties passed to clarification of correctness of philological, linguistic and semantic constructions. Including, Malitsky declared that the slogan "Ukraine for Ukrainians! " is an appeal to all emigrants to come back, and at all to exile from the country of representatives of other nationalities. Was also mutual recriminations in fascism enough and the broken-off shirts - I suffered from a mode!

The appeal of Rukh to the patriotic organizations of the Russian Federation became apogee of judicial proceedings, read by Malitsky in whom "the friendship of the Russian and Ukrainian people" was stated getting stronger the last 17 years and concern expressed that at "our brothers - Russians" kill foreigners. The address came to an end with a wish of the fastest joint occurrence into system of collective security of Europe.What relation the address to the Russian public had to considered case, remained a riddle.

Anatoly Ilchenko also demanded the judgment to forbid posters which are used by PSPU (on which unitary enterprise and NATO are called fascists), reasoning it that images offend it, and also offend "our Latvian and Latvian brothers". And then I promised that these posters will tear. Representatives of PSPU promised to give out it for a rvanye the whole pack.

When during a time was to demand carrying out psychiatric examination accused, the judge Vladimir Aleynikov shouted at defendants: "Well, will suffice already! How you are going to carry out joint peace demonstrations if you can't quietly be in one hall? ! "

Despite reigning confidence that actions of the left are only dated for scandalous procession of nationalists, PSPU and MG demanded to provide them the right of carrying out meetings, and right as they don't object, to forbid.

Practically all the time the meetings, lasting nearly six hours with two breaks, the judge Vladimir Aleynikov tried to find a compromise, for example, having offered warring parties different places for carrying out demonstrations.

But, it appeared that "places aren't present". All suitable platforms of the city this day are occupied with these or those cultural actions dated for Day of youth. Then Aleynikov took an interest why political actions need to be carried out in Day of youth? Quickly there was only a head of "Young guard"Evgenia Bondarenko: "We the youth organization when us still to carry out? " The others mumbled something about need of promotion at each opportunity.

During meeting it became clear also that neither KUNA, nor "Freedom" applications about carrying out torch procession didn't submit so their action anyway was illegal.

The only material evidence confirming that KUNA and IN "Freedom" really are going to hold a mass action in the center of Nikolaev on June 29 there were messages in city mass media.However, the court doubted their reliability, however the operational information of SBU confirmed data of journalists so the court considered necessary to adopt the separate resolution forbidding carrying out "illegal mass action (torch procession) concerning celebration 101-й anniversaries of the birth of the general of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Roman Shukhevich", and to oblige Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to take urgent measures for counteraction to carrying out this action in the Nikolaev area.

By estimates of law enforcement agencies, in revival on Sovetskaya Street gathered to 20 thousand people. And the only thing that the militia can make in case the forbidden meetings all - take place, it to impose an administrative penalty on heads of the organizations.

Already when the "forbidden" parties left court, it became clear that to carry out the resolution nobody gathers. PSPU simply held other action not forbidden by court - developed an agitpalatka on duty. And the staff of SBU from 3 o'clock in the afternoon put under observation the intersection Soviet and Admiral's where participants of procession had to gather. However, so resonant incidents 29, didn't happen on June 30.


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