About 30 foreign companies test drugs on Ukrainians

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About three tens foreign pharmaceutical corporations carry out clinical tests of drugs in Ukraine, declared to the newspaper Mirror of week

director of the State pharmacological center of Ministry of Health of Ukraine Victor Chumak.

According to him, the international pharmaceutical corporations which make original preparations are engaged in clinical tests of new medicines for territories of Ukraine.

"Clinical tests consist of several phases. The first - the most dangerous, volunteers who have no problems with health take part in it. At this stage study not efficiency of a preparation, and its toxicity, - for risk and have to pay to people. We don't carry out the first phase - we are afraid of scandals", - the expert declared.

According to him, in Ukraine the second phase - tests for profile patients to which pay not in money, and drugs is carried out only.

"At us for many patients it (clinical test of new preparations) almost the only chance to receive free treatment and drugs which often cost very much. In due time in Lviv there was an agiotage when there tested preparations for treatment of the last, fourth stage of an oncological disease, the result was shaking - in 30% of cases there came remission", - Chumak noted.

According to him, deputies, politicians learned about it, and asked: "Give this preparation! ". "But it will appear at us at a distant day - only after all tests will end, the producer will consider their results, will enter the rich markets - to the USA, Japan and Europe, and only after that, probably, we will see it in Ukraine", - the expert explained.

Thus Chumak added that for ethical reasons, drugs don't test on children. "In general - that is the most scandalous and most demagogical question. Our children are provided with drugs for only 40%, and in other cases the doctor advises mother to divide an "adult" tablet and to give a slice to the child", - Chumak declared to the Mirror of week.

He noted that there is no place to take a children's dose of medicine simply."We got to a vicious circle - without clinical trials on children we have no right to recommend to kids medicine. Therefore when they are ill, we "poison" them with adult drugs - we divide a tablet into four parts", - the druggist stated.

We will remind, WHO is ready to provide to Ukraine to 5 million doses of an antipandemic vaccine, however put forward a number of rigid requirements. In particular, to allow use of vaccines without testing in Ukraine. In - the second, Ukraine has to assume responsibility not to make a claim to producers of a vaccine.


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