The candidate for president Moroz isn't going to solve a problem of Nikolaev – he at all doesn't know about them

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Already for the second time, having arrived to Nikolaev, the leader of Socialist partyAlexander Morozshows open ignoring of interests of inhabitants of the Nikolaev area and thus - huge desire to become the president.

Agitating for itself in July,Alexander AleksandrovichI didn't answer one question of journalists of what problems Nikolaeva is able to solve the possible president. Moreover,Frostat all I didn't hide that doesn't know about a state of affairs in the Nikolaev area.

On December 1 I took place a press - conferenceAlexander Morozin Nikolaev - here it arrived with one-day visit. The history repeated. The leader of Socialist party long told, what all bad, and what he one good: "the power at us thieves'", "the country is destroyed by anticonstitutional actionsYushchenkoand adventuresTymoshenko", deputyZadirko(nikolayevets) "unreliable", former Minister of TransportViennaI "defamed" and so on.

Moroz spoke about himself so: "It I initiated creation of the anti-recessionary coalition", "If we didn't supportYushchenko, the President would becomeKuchma", "YushchenkoI didn't execute our agreement, and on me hung up a label", etc.

Journalists and this time tried to try to find out atFrost, as he sees solution of problems of our region, after all now the difficult situation at many strategic enterprises - not endures the best times "Dawn", the plant of a name of 61 Communards in general is declared bankrupt, huge debts on a salary etc.Alexander Morozpersistently I "dodged", I spoke: "It not functions of the president. The president only has to promote the solution of these questions". How exactly it has to promote and that can make specificallyFrost, the candidate for president didn't answer. And on video it is visible as on question that - to do all with plant of a name of 61 Communards,Alexander Aleksandrovichadmits that doesn't know.


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