The mayor of Nikolaev renounced the friend Dyumin, shamed the godfather Zholobetsky and is going to file a lawsuit

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During today's meeting in library of Krapivnitsky during whom there was a speech about openness and transparency of local government, the mayor of NikolaevVladimir ChaikaI brought down charges to two deputies of city council and, at the same time, enough influential businessmen -Anatoly DyuminandAlexander Zholobetsky.

We bring to attention of readers some quotes from performanceVladimir Dmitriyevich.

- Today already for meDyuminbecomes the nominal person. I helped it so much, helped so much! That did it make it? I put booths on the street, I destroyed there the square (obviously, the square "Komsomol" at Lenin Avenue crossing with Komsomolskaya Street - a bus means). And people "on me" already wrote that I am his best friend and almost the godfather. I - not his godfather, I to it not the friend, not the companion... I can have no such people in friends.

-Zholobetsky, which I fed from hands, of slot machines here disposed, and now there was such honest, well a terrible business!. I fed him from hands, gave him the credits, entered him into a circle of businessmen, carried it to Moscow, in the Black Sea club, to children helped that they studied normally... And he invited me, besides - the child at him was born the second - the godfather. I went to church with it. What today this person can have conscience: to invite me to Christ - and now me to throw black mud? Well, there is at me a son, and the daughter at me in Kiev. What now to do to me? They not ханыги, not drunkards. They are engaged in business, they anywhere break nothing.

- I tell the last time: I am not engaged in business. To me it to anything. I have a family, there is a wife. I don't suffer. I have a salary, at me is today and pension, as they say. To me both then sufficed, and now suffices. But how you can say today on my son, what he stole something?.

- I will unambiguously file a lawsuit now. There is no other way. Also the son will file a lawsuit. Because it simply lie, slander. And - attempt to go on elections.

- ITo DyuminI told: "Mister Dyumin.I took nothing from you. I with you not in business". I already drew a conclusion that it made it (possibly, the situation with the square - a bus means again), thinking: "And,Seagullalready the mayor won't be. And I here to myself already punched to myself a path". There WILL be I a mayor. Thanks to your support. Because we have with you no other way...


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