The commission of Shufrycha published the preliminary report on Lutsenko, but the Minister is ready to recognize only results of the commission of nikolayevets of Zabzalyuk

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The preliminary report of the temporary commission of inquiry (TCI) of the Verkhovna Rada under the leadership of the People's DeputyNestor Shufrich, investigating the conflict between the Minister of Internal AffairsYury Lutsenkoand the German police, occurred at the airport of Frankfurt am Main on May 4, it was published on December 1. About it the Businessman - Ukriana" writes ". According to members of VSK, the Interior Minister avoided responsibility for an offense owing to diplomatic immunity.Yury Lutsenkodoesn't recognize commission conclusions, specifying that during meetings it never collected quorum.

The temporary commission of inquiry on incident investigation with participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yu.Lutsenko was created on May 19. The People's Deputy Nestor Shufrich (Party of Regions) headed it.

The events which have occurred on May 4 at the airport of Frankfurt am Main were the cause for creation of VSK. According to the Bild newspaper, the staff of Lufthansa airline didn't allow the Interior Minister and his son Alexander aboard the plane, taking off for Seoul (South Korea) where the Ukrainian delegation went with official visit for an exchange of experience with the staff of local law enforcement agencies as they allegedly were in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

The German party claims that Yu.Lutsenko and his son started arguing with representatives of airline then the staff of Lufthansa called the police. The minister and his son showed resistance and started throwing mobile phones into police officers. However Yu.Lutsenko explained it to that was compelled to protect the son as police officers unreasonably used force in his relation. Besides, the minister emphasized that incident was settled after police officers apologized.

In the report of VSK it is specified that, according to the data obtained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the German party on May 28, Yu.Lutsenko "made an offense, but was exempted from liability as the head of the governmental delegation which was in the transit country". In the document refusal of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to assist VSK in receiving materials on incident directly from prosecutor's office of Frankfurt am Main is recorded. According to rules of law of Germany, it is impossible to provide to the Ukrainian VSK information on this business without official consent of persons - participants of incident.

It is remarkable that on all four meetings which were held by VSK, only three came from nine of her members - Nestor Shufrich, Mikhail Chechetov and Elena Bondarenko (Party of Regions). According to M. Chechetov, other deputies "sabotage work and don't appear at meetings, than together with Yu.Lutsenko disturb investigation and rehabilitation of the international image of Ukraine".

Meanwhile Yu.Lutsenko believes that it is necessary to consider as the competent conclusions of other VSK under the leadership of Roman Zabzalyuk (BYUT) which also investigated incident at the airport of Frankfurt am Main. At meeting on July 7, having interrogated Yu.Lutsenko, his son Alexander, the ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Natalya Zarudnuyu, the consul general of Ukraine in Frankfurt am Main Alexander Novoselov and the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Germany Sergey Dyatlov, this commission came to a conclusion that charges to the Interior Minister "have no documentary confirmation". "VSK conclusions under the leadership of Roman Zabzalyuk were made at full quorum, and the decision is passed in my advantage. And the commission under the leadership of Nestor Shufrich never gathered in structure more than three persons, and all its decisions - only the personal point of view of mister Shufrich", - declared yesterday to Yu.Lutsenko.


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