Tigipko: the Great Romania project bears direct threat to Ukraine

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The candidate for president of Ukraine Sergey TIGIPKO is convinced that preservation of Moldova as independent state is strategic interest of Ukraine.

As reported the UNIAN in a press - service S. TIGIPKO, he told about it, making comments on the statement of the Acting President of Moldova Mihai GIMPU that he considers itself(himself) as the Romanian, celebrates the Romanian national holidays and will achieve the constitutional renaming of the Moldavian language into Romanian.

According to S. TIGIPKO, "implementation of the project Great Romania bears direct threat to Ukraine, and we are obliged to counteract it".

"One of these days Mihai GIMPU will officially head Moldova. And it is already quite clear that it will conduct the country in the direction of elimination of its sovereignty and accession to Romania. Realities of world politics are that that it directly touches radical interests of Ukraine", - S. TIGIPKO emphasized.

He called an error of attempt of an environment of the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO to use power loss by communists of Moldova to intensify participation of Kishinev in regional projects of the anti-Russian orientation.

"Preservation of Moldova as independent state - strategic interest of Ukraine. More us anybody isn't interested in it. Even in Moscow there are fans to divide the Moldavian territory: to give the right coast to Romanians, and to take Transnistria under the protectorate. For Ukraine it would become accident", - the candidate for president declared.


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