"Nikolayevgaz" in a month will stop existing. What's next?

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Heads of regional gases across all Ukraine are concerned by the decision of the government to transfer their companies to fixed assets of subsidiary of National joint stock company "Neftegaz of Ukraine" - the Neftegazseti companies. It threatens at least with unemployment for today's employees.

Chairman of the board of "Nikolayevgaz"Sergey SkibaI commented on the created situation for the Phrase edition so: "As well as other companies, we received the letter that,probably, since January 1 the company will have to stop the existenceand work on gas supply of the Nikolaev area... There is a question: if so goes,who will go on January 1 to emergency calls?Regional gases are an every second work".

According to him, the representation created in area "Neftegazsetya" isn't completed even not with the staff of necessary experts.

As "Phrase" reports, labor staff of the gas supplying companies called the PresidentVictor Yushchenkoto hold in a situation round the Neftegazsetyam broadcast of the state gas-distributing networks which are in using of regional gases.

Absolutely opposite position at the management"Naftogaz of Ukraine". As reports a press - company service, transfer of gas networks will allow to lift on essentially new, European level work in the domestic gas market.

Thus the NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy guarantees observance of the labor law of workers, preservation of level of compensation and creation of conditions for its further increase.

The management of "Naftogaz of Ukraine" calls the created situationhysteria round process of transfer of gas networks. The company considers that it is attempt of so-called "offshore" owners of some regional gases and their subordinates to keep control over the enterprises and to prevent reforming of the domestic gas market as a whole.

Thus "Naftogaz of Ukraine" reminds that management of the gas supplying companies didn't provide timely calculations for gas, than allowed debt growth over 7 billion hryvnias.

We will remind, the debt of the Nikolaev area for gas makes more than7 million hryvnias.

Management on gas farms has no uniform предст


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