In the Central Election Commission are afraid that elections won't take place

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Problems with financing of the Central Electoral Commission can threaten carrying out presidential election.

It to "A mirror of week" was declared by the deputy head of the Central Election Commission Andrey Magera.

Telling about existence of serious problems with financial security of activity of the Central Election Commission, he told: "For today it is the main reason which can threaten all electoral process".

Thus Magera doesn't exclude that problems with financing can have political background.

"I don't want to think that someone aims to break elections, but the budget for 2010 isn't adopted. Politicians promised it only in February. Then allow to ask, who and how will pay a salary to hundred thousands of members of election commissions for all Ukraine? he said.

Thus Magera isn't sure that financing of activity of the Central Election Commission will manage to be provided in circumvention of the budgetary legislation.

"At the same time nobody can oblige Cabinet of Ministers to issue semi-legitimate resolutions on assignment, especially against an economic crisis", - Magera told.

Speaking about possible falsifications during vote, the deputy head of the Central Election Commission noted that their source is opportunity to correct electoral registers directly in the election day.

"In spite of the fact that KSU forbade frankly unconstitutional provisions of the law about presidential elections, there were moments which well don't match in any way carrying out democratic elections. One of them - opportunity to correct electoral registers in the election day", - Magera told.

It reminded that possibility of correction of electoral lists already led to mass falsifications during the previous presidential election.

"This norm was present at a gentlemen's set of falsifications of 2004. It managed to be withdrawn from the law on parliamentary elections, however at presidential election ideologists of the law decided to walk twice into a same water", - Magera noted.

In his opinion, correction of lists in the election day and can lead this time to numerous deliberate falsifications.

"Now in the register about 36,5 million voters so not really be surprised if in their voting day there are 37 million", - he declared.

Thus the deputy head of the Central Election Commission reminded that the register of voters is considerably improved today in comparison with 2007.

"The register really isn't ideal, but it is impossible to go into extremes and to say that it bad... Yes, there are mistakes, but, believe, on these elections lists will be much more qualitative, than in 2007", - Magera declared.


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