All Nikolaev beau monde visited a theatrical stage is Rusdram celebrated 75 years (PHOTO REPORT)

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Yesterday the Nikolaev art Russian drama theater solemnly noted the 75 - the anniversary. In this holiday in theater all Nikolaev beau monde and notable guests gathered, many gifts were presented, but the main gift is an assignment to rank theater "academic".

Now, after the Nikolaev Ukrainian academic, exemplary I became also Russian.

While guests gathered in a hall and holiday, a little nervous revival reigned, the theater director Nikolay Kravchenko welcomed guests at a main entrance. In the same place there were also live sculptures, creating at theater fantastic surroundings.

The host Nikolay Kravchenko (in a white jacket) welcomed guests at an entrance

Guests started taking seat, administrators still nervously fussed, and vanity would seem tiresome, if not the hurricane which rushed into a doors and has encouraged all hall. It the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika came to a celebration. It as got started running all over all hall, everyone greeting and being thrown by a couple of words. That is why our mayor is invincible - everything whom Vladimir Dmitriyevich though visually knew - with everyone shook hands, the others with affection and awe watched all on simple, "in a board of the" the mayor who rolled over through seats and lasted to shake hands with prestary and honourable citizens. Younger approached.

- While I won't greet all - don't begin! - for fun the mayor told.

The secretary the City Council Vladimir Korenyugin (at the left) and нардеп from PR Nikolay Kruglov (on the right) modestly took lateral places

The second secretary of the Nikolaev regional committee of KPU Nikoly Dzardanov (at the left) and the double Lenina - all about affairs party

Witz - the governor of Nikolayevshchina Vladimir Lusta (on the right) obviously puzzled the deputy minister Vladislav Korniyenko

On a theatrical stage Chaika...with an exit

"Hello No. 1"

"Hello No. 2" - to the opponent of tsvetochnik on the Spassky director of Kredo and Galerei na Spasskoy, 45 firm

"Hello No. 3" - through chairs, through distances...

"Hello No. N" - "While I won't greet all - not to begin! "

"Hello No. N"

"Hello No. N" - womenVladimir DmitriyevichespeciallyI wasI am glad to see

Honestly, didn't begin. He even managed to sit on several places before calmed down, and took the place. But on it Chaika's performance didn't end - he didn't wait for a miracle, and all evening behaved in a queer way. We still will return to it.

The adviser to the head of a regional council Tamil Bugayenko too was photographed with Lenin's double

Chief of regional management of culture Mikhail Dimitrov and head of the Nikolaev regional council Tatyana Demchenko

Seagull I moved Korenyugin to communicate to Kruglov

Demchenko the charm forced Lusta to weaken a tie

The curtain opened, on a scene there was Nikolay Kravchenko. It presented and invited to a scene of all employees - both actors, and accountants, both lighters, and decorators - all - all - everything, except those who remained on the workplaces to provide action.The movie in which the story of the Russian dramatic theater touching and full of events - was told pre-war, military and post-war years, directors, actors, performances …

was shown

Nikolay Kravcheno - actually!

The staff of theater in full strength gathered on a scene

The touching movie - history about Rusdram

Not growing old soul and charming actresses of theater

Such actresses all life on hands are carried by young guys

Behind absence in a hall of the governor, the theater congratulated on anniversary vice-the governor Vladimir Lusta. It handed over diplomas and gifts from the regional state administration.

Congratulations from vice-the governor Vladimir Lusta

Not apartments and cars, of course, but Kravchenko it is all the same pleasant

To a scene there was the first deputy the Minister of Culture and tourism of Ukraine Vladislav Korniyenko. It read congratulations from the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, transferred the address with government congratulations, handed over awards from the ministry and certificates of honor.

Vladislav Korniyenko with congratulations from Yushchenko

The head of the Nikolaev regional council Tatyana Demchenko congratulated theater-goers, reported that council decided to allocate to theater of 500 thousand UAH according to the Tashlyksky program, it was necessary to give this money only.

- We don't mint a coin, this is Chaika can, - Demchenko bit, hinting at coins to 220 - to the anniversary of the city which were initiated by the mayor.

Demchenko blinked from pleasure

Also I began to shine a smile, having received an award

Tatyana Vasilyevna received from Nikolay Kravchenko a ribbon - an award of service to theater - for an excessive contribution. Happy with an award, Demchenko distributed diplomas and confusedly smiled when actors kissed it hands.

Nardep, the head of the Nikolaev regional organization of Party of Regions Nikolay Kruglov stepped on the stage, touched by the documentary film, and told that envies the humanists capable easily and to speak much.

- I can't be for you at good and warm loss for words, - the economist - Kruglov told.

But it is better for those that Nikolay Petrovich - the economist.It with understanding approached to theater problems, having presented русдраму two refrigerators, frankly congratulated, having remembered that at the time of its stay by the governor, it as could, tried to help русдраму, and promised that now becomes exact the theater-goer. Then it was awarded the order.

Kruglov - the economist is modest in manifestation of emotions - listens to a joke from Kravchenko

Then the hour of triumph of the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika came. Its performance made furor - so happened what exactly this day the waiting list of two employees of theater for receiving apartments approached. On them the mayor also handed over warrants. The hall blew up, the happy owner of the one-room apartment, the actress Ekaterina Rak shouted, squealed, thanked the mayor. Besides, the mayor in "co-authorship" with seaport presented to theater the car. Besides, the mayor, probably having got under influence of the Charge d'Affaires ad interim of Russia in Ukraine Vsevolod Loskutov, it started being sprayed as Russian as it appreciate in Nikolaev as the Russian traditions are important is good, and, probably, absolutely I forgot that theater, though Russian, but more and more Nikolaev, and Nikolaev - Ukrainian …

Seagull I greeted all, I presented all, I congratulated, it was run, I was tired - and here the deserved awardwaits

Then there was also Vsevolod Loskutov. And here it appeared that confided the Russian Federation - itself from the Nikolaev Pervomaisk. It read the letter from the Russian President Medvedev (which introduction was, seemingly, absolutely pinched from a congratulation of the Ukrainian president), passed on державну мову and solemnly handed over Gogol's rare edition with Chernomyrdin's opening speech. And the consul general who has called the attorney of Russia asked to tell that some Nikolaev actors will be entitled national actors of Russia - ranks will hand over in January. Unostentatious such foreign policy …

Smart bouquet with an unostentatious ribbon - the Russian flag

The head of the Ukrainian register Cossacks appropriated to Nikolay Kravchenko a rank of the general (that 10 years in the Cossacks, till this day was in a colonelcy). As for thirst for the militarized and nationalist organizations, the case which happened in 2007 is remembered. Then to Nikolaev there came the representative of "pomaranchevy" team, and nowadays the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko. With theater it was agreed that in its building it will be carried out a press - conference.But the g - Kravchenko's N forbade to carry out at the last minute a press - conference at the theater. Then some politicians of the city expressed opinion that on Kravchenko pressure was put from certain political structures and the city management.

The Ukrainian register Cossacks gave to Kravchenko "general"

I transferred congratulations ex-the governor of Nikolayevshchina нардеп Anatoly Kinakh, theater-goers were congratulated by the chief of regional management of culture Mikhail Dimitrov, the consul general of Georgia Zurab Kvachadze, the director of museum of local lore Vladimir Mikhaylov, Seaport, the Nikolaev aluminous plant, 20 national - cultural societies, and also heads of theaters in Sukhumi, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Odessa, Lugansk, Taganrog, Kishinev. The colleague was congratulated also by the Nikolaev academic Ukrainian drama theater and the musical comedy.

The inhabitant of Odessa noted that with the mayor to theater to live and prosper (then Chaika jumped from a place, I ran out on a scene, I embraced the guest - the theater-goer, I thanked, and I escaped into place), and wished that "the audience was so much that apple had no place to fall that over there on a chandelier hung and if you aren't capable to serve all - give our address - we will serve all! ".

"The southern patrol" was on the ball, as always,

A number of awards of different degrees awarded many theater-goers - for service to the theater and for merits before it.

Congratulations periodically interrupted speeches of actors, couple of turns was done by the Nikolaev ensemble of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Southern patrol".

Many guests wished to theater-goers same - in the same structure to meet 100 years to theater.


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