Top of-5 "anti-influenzal" nonsenses of the power

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Weekly "Comments: " I defined the five of senseless initiatives of the power during anti-influenzal campaign.

1. Plague or flu.

At the height of a flu epidemic the governor of Odessa region Nikolay SERDYUK assumed the obligation to found regional institute of flu on the basis of Odessa scientifically - research antiplague institute of a name of Mechnikov. "We won't wait for plague or cholera, and we will create conditions that this institute worked including as antiviral", - the chairman the ODE declared. However the director of antiplague institute Sergey POZDNYAKOV damped a governor's anti-influenzal ardor a little, having reported that won't be engaged in studying of respiratory viruses without the relevant decision of Ministry of Health. "An initiative of local government, of course, fine, but now our purpose - studying of especially dangerous bacteria", - was explained by the director.

2. "Healers in shoulder straps".

Employees of the Zaporozhye customs service obliged on - to struggle to the with swine flu. According to the plan of preventive actions of prevention of incidence of flu A/H1N1, the Zaporozhye customs officers acquired the right at discretion to find patients with suspicion on flu, including tranzitnik, during implementation of border and customs control. In case of identification of patients with suspicion on flu and the persons which were with them in contact, employees of customs were obliged to see off izolyatsionno - restrictive actions then quickly to inform physicians, sanitarno - quarantine divisions, establishments sanitarno - epidemiological service and territorial bodies of health care. Thus, any sneezing citizen whom the destiny brought together with the Zaporozhye customs officers, risked to fall a victim of medical imaginations any "the healer in shoulder straps".

3. Permissions to carrying out New Year's morning performances.

Sanitarno - the epidemiological service of the Crimea remembered the order of Ministry of Health of 1996 and was going to forbid carrying out New Year's morning performances in kindergartens and schools in connection with flu epidemic and ORVI threat. Thus usual occupations at schools and gardens are carried out without any restrictions.According to the chief health officer of ARC Maria KROVYAKOVA, this year heads should get permissions to carrying out New Year's actions in educational institutions them in an individual order. Level of an otaplivayemost of assembly halls in which festive actions are planned becomes one of the main criteria by which SES in the matter will be guided.

4. The driver without mask - to remove the bus from flight.

In Chernovtsy from - for non-compliance with a mask mode by drivers of passenger transport from flights removed not drivers, but also buses. Daily behind that drivers were masked and carried out disinfection of salons of buses, special road crews watched. Peak of their fight became on November 14 when only in the direction of the Kalinovsky market from flights removed 32 buses. Thus the Chernovitsky power that ordinary passengers suffered from such actions at all didn't excite, and the transport which has remained on routes, was overflowed. That, in turn, only promoted flu and ORVI distribution.

5. Closing of the markets.

Due to the flu epidemic of the power of Ivano - Frankovsky and Lvov areas decided to close all markets in the territories. Officials and in other regions were going to follow the example of colleagues. The chairman of the State Committee concerning regulatory policy and business Aleksandra KUZHEL even was compelled to dispatch letters to chairmen YEAH in which urged local authorities not to close the markets from - for flu epidemics, and it is simple to ask people to be masked. According to A.KUZhEL, the markets in this context differ nothing from the enterprises, and for observance of quarantine so drastic measures aren't so obligatory.


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