From now on candidates for president will be promoted in the Nikolaev mass media on our money

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On December 7 in the Nikolaev state and municipal mass media pre-election campaign of candidates for president at the expense of means of the state budget begins.

The sequence of performances on the state Nikolaev TV channel and a radio channel "Nikolaev", and publications in the regional municipal newspaper "Rodnoye Pribuzhye" is defined on December 5 by a lot in the presence of members of district election commission and official representatives of candidates in the Nikolaev area.

Claims to the organization and results of lot aren't present. I reported about it to the vice-president of district election commission on the territorial constituency No. 129 T. Ruchko in t interview / to "Nikolaev".

She called candidates for president and their local representatives responsibly to approach to preparation and the organization of performances and publications in the specified mass media in the approved terms.

Each of candidates (or to their official representatives) at the expense of the state budget was given opportunity three times to acquaint the Nikolaev voters with the program provisions before completion of pre-election campaign at midnight on January 15, 2010 on local state TV and RV (for 10 min. and 6 min. 40 sec. according to) and 1 time in the regional municipal newspaper.

T. Ruchko also reported that on Tuesday meeting of district election commissions on delimitation of polling stations in territorial constituencies (on December 8) will take place. For example, TIO No. 129 includes 110 polling stations (53 in the Factory area and 57 in the Central district of Nikolaev). She told that formation of structures of precinct election commissions takes place without special problems as the minimum number of members WICK makes 12 people at 18 candidates for president. For members of precinct election commissions studies will be carried out.

The biggest problem she called the accuracy of the electoral registers made on the basis of voters given of the State register.

The deputy chairman of OIK on TIO No. 129 urged nikolayevets to check existence and correctness of the data in electoral registers which now are in the gorrayadministratsiyakh as it is yet clear, whether it will be possible to bring them in the voting day on polling stations.

Free propaganda in favor of candidates on local channels of Gosteleradio begins already tomorrow (t / to "Nikolaev" in 20.10 and 21.00). According to the informal data, for today not all local campaign headquarters have the corresponding videos and printing materials which prepare the central staffs of candidates at the order.

However the broadcasting time paid by the Central Election Commission, can be used by officials of the candidate on places at discretion: for example, authorized representatives and representatives of campaign headquarters can agitate for the candidate. And, the content of these performances if it doesn't conflict to the legislation, can be rather free.

For example, at last presidential election some candidates or their representatives used the "budgetary" broadcasting time allowed by it only for criticism of the rivals.

And in case of lack of any video or official acting in allowed broadcasting time, on TV screens "silently" the prompt with a name and a surname of the candidate was broadcast.

A. Holguin.


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