Yanukovych suggests Tymoshenko to dig a war axe?

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If proceeds the politician Yulia Timoshenko, Ukraine won't have any chances of progress.

About it it is spoken in Victor Yanukovych's statement where he urges politicians to stop hostility.

It reminded that in 2004, during televised debates with Victor Yushchenko, asked it a question: "How we farther will live, Victor Andreevich? ".

"He, of course, didn't answer. He already saw itself(himself) the winner. I don't know of what Victor Andreevich at that moment thought, but, probably, not about huge threat which is born to the people of Ukraine by hypertrophied ambitions of its stavlennitsa - Yulia Timoshenko", - Yanukovych told.

He noted that Yushchenko and Tymoshenko lived these five years "in quarrels and conflicts" and thus didn't draw from this conclusions.

"Judging by statements which sound from Yulia Timoshenko's lips, as well as five years ago, she is going to be at war further, instead of to build. To destroy, instead of to agree. It means that it will continue policy of confrontation, instead of a national consent. Tymoshenko didn't understand that such policy dooms Ukraine to a permanent political and economic crisis and consequently - on backwardness, on an impoverishment", - Yanukovych declared.

"If proceeds the politician Tymoshenko, Ukraine won't have chances of progress", - he added.

According to Yanukovych to save the state, it is necessary to begin, first of all, with the announcement of the termination of an era of lies and hatred in the Ukrainian policy".

"Who wouldn't become a president, he has to start filling up the ditches of the split which have been dug out five years ago from the first day. And those who lost these elections, have to help the new president and all people, instead of revenge for defeat", - he added.

"She stakes on lies and hatred. I stake on the truth and people association. Also it is the highest rate. As it is a rate on stability and welfare of all citizens. It is a rate on construction of strong Ukraine", - Yanukovych declared.


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