The Crimean speaker quarreled with the Armenian church

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The Armenian apostolic church considers unacceptable the decision of the authorities of the Crimea to make a monument of the XIV century - a monastic complex of Surb - Hach - department of the Crimean ethnographic museum.

According to the Crimean newspaper "Sobytiya", in First-throned sacred Echmiadzin (the residence of the Armenian patriarch located near Yerevan - the Catholicos of all Armenians) promised to do everything possible not to allow transformation of a monastery of Surb - Hach in department of the Crimean ethnographic museum. "We, of course, not against in the territory of church the museum was built, but at the same time it has to function as a shrine", - the father Ter Vagram emphasized responsible for information structure of Echmiadzin, having added that the Armenian church hopes to discuss this problem with the management of the Crimea.

In turn, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of ARC Anatoly Gritsenko is convinced of justice of the decision on transformation of the monastery "Surb — Hach" into department of the Crimean ethnographic museum. "We from the budget of ARC allocated rather serious financial resources to carry out restoration of this national monument of culture, - he told. - But, when the business owner turns a monastery into hotel of local value and in cells there live tourists, and in a refectory which is repaired at the expense of the budget, prepare шурпу and make fire, probably, we have all bases to remind that, children, it is a national monument, he is 650 years old! ". Therefore, according to the Crimean speaker, the authorities have autonomies "there were very serious remarks and claims to operation of this object". "So it isn't necessary to take offense at me! " - Gritsenko was indignant. Thus he emphasized that change of the status of a monastery won't affect in any way possibility of the Armenian church to send there the religious practices. "Please, questions any absolutely aren't present, - he told. - Only on a barrier there will be there a protection, there will be a representative of the Ministry of Culture or the museum to sell tickets, and all this business will be under control".

The chairman of the Armenian community of Kirovsky district Armen Kazaryan confirmed information of the Crimean speaker that "the historical monument is used for earning money"."It is a monastery, there religious people come to pray, and they there organized tourism, money extorts from people, - without constraining emotion, he told. - Already gate closed, and cars there to come around, have to give money to them". That occurs in a monastery, Kazaryan accuses the priest who serves in a monastery. "I already wrote the letter to Echmiadzin that this priest should be moved away, signatures of people are collected against it, - the head of a community told. - We not against church! On the contrary, all of us are religious people, we against such priests". Kazaryan completely approves the decision of the authorities to make a monastery museum department. "I know one: if the state invested money there, so the state and has to have something", - he told.

Monastic complex of Surb - Hach - a monument of national value. In 2002 the monastery is returned by the decision of Council of ministers of ARC to the Armenian apostolic church. In 2007-2008 in a monastic complex large volume of restoration works is carried out, the new asphalted road to a monastery is constructed, the electrical equipment is installed. On these actions, by data a press - ARC services BP, from the Crimean budget more than 9 million UAH

were allocated

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