Attempt to drag the "nedyuminsky" project on the ground at "Dawns" - "Mashproyekt" yet wasn't successful, even despite overlapping of the street

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Though 41-I extraordinary session of city council appointed to the holiday for local government - on December 7, also was devoted in principle to pleasant questions (namely: deputies were offered to permit for technical documentation production on land management for drawing up state acts), there was a place and a tar spoon. As celebration "poisoning" the atmosphere there was a situation with road overlapping by the indignant inhabitants of Kosmonavtov St., 62 and 64, and also a question on JSC Oblkooprinktorg-2 which was disqualified last session.
The situation with overlapping of the road which deputies Tatyana Filonok and Lyudmila Bulakh declared, to the mayor Vladimir Chaika was already known. Therefore he right there reported that gave an assignment to the head of administration of Leninsky district Anatoly Plokhotnyuk to clear the events.
And right there I suggested deputies to bring in the agenda a question on extension of rent of the land plot of JSC Oblkooprinktorg-2, removed from last session.

We will remind that two years ago the deputy of the City Council Anatoly Dyumin took away a ground of 14146 sq.m at GP NPKG "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt" for the JSC Oblkooprinktorg-2 enterprise - allegedly for expansion and Youzhny market construction at the corner of Kosmonavtov St. and so forth. October.
So it turned out that to the taken-away ground got and 1595 sq.m. sanitarno - protective zone GP NPKG "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt". On last, 40-й in November L.Bulakh and A.Kurchenko drew City Council sessions on matter removal on extension of rent of a site as the sanitary zone of plant is taken.
Then the mayor assumed the obligation to work as the negotiator - a pier if "Amstor" who bought the land at A.Dyumin, agrees to return to plant the taken 1595 sq.m. of the earth, then deputies will be able to make the decision on lease contract extension. At this session V. Chaika reported that all obstacles are eliminated - he held negotiations with representatives "Amstor" which return a disputable ground of "Zore" - to "Mashproyekt" so it is quite possible to return to question consideration on lease contract extension already at this session.
To deputies right there distributed the draft decision of the question brought in the agenda (to journalists this project didn't distribute), but here L.Bulakh paid attention to strange feature. As she declared, in the draft decision 14146 sq.m. of the earth minus 1595 sq.m., and about 18621 sq.m. were a question of allocation any more! "For whom we are considered by Moroz? (A. Moroz - the chief of land management of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies - an editor's note) Let's be honest at least periodically", - at a microphone I called the colleagues - deputies L.Bulakh.
The mentioned A. Moroz moved himself interestingly: it pretended that the deputy thinks out something, started speaking about satisfaction of a protest of prosecutor's office of September 3, L.Bulakh urged not to make loud statements... Without binding to A. Moroz's words on the same mill - to vote for the offered draft decision - I started pouring water and the head of PR fraction Pyotr Zibrov - the pier, controversial questions are settled. And the mayor, moving in the general outline acting, right there I put the offered draft decision on vote.
However, it and those who stood up for this decision and I pretended that at someone very bad memory, the disappointment waited: voted pro only 32 deputies. So automatically the matter is transferred to the following session of city council which is planned for December 17. Whether the full answer to a question will be given all discordant with the taken-out draft decision, where there is an allocated earth (one more employee of plant demanded to show it on the card, the deputy Vladimir Jacques), it isn't known. And that journalists will think of it, people's deputies from Party of Regions, apparently, not really disturbs.
As for a today's situation with road overlapping on YuTZ about which the mayor didn't allow to tell deputies at City Council session, it is directly connected with JSC Oblkooprinktorg-2. As told after session L.Bulakh, this enterprise which now allegedly not "dyuminsky", seized free parking at shops on Kosmonavtov St., fenced it with a fence, sorted tram ways (today there even trams didn't go - couldn't simply) - to make from this "pocket" paid parking.
Lyudmila Bulakh saw in all this "dyuminsky intrigues" to which reacted not only workers "Dawns" -" Mashproyekt", and and inhabitants of houses who had this pocket (a fence partitioned off an entrance to the yards of houses No. 62 and No. 64 on Kosmonavtov St.).It is necessary to add that Anatoly Dyumin on session of city council and celebration of Day of local government wasn't.

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