The People's Deputy of Ukraine Zadyrko accused the Hero of Ukraine Vadatursky. In everything!

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On December 7, I took place a press - conference of the People's Deputy, the applicant for a mayor chair Gennady Zadyrko on the subject "Alexey Vadatursky — the Hero of This Ukraine".

As Gennady Zadyrko also doesn't deny close political communication with ex-the minister of Ministry of Transport Iosif Vinsky, whose last visit to Nikolaev the non-state structures which are engaged in water business, still remember "not evil silent word", and as political communication нардепа with Nikmorport's chief Vasily Kapatsyna (both through Vinsky, and through Socialist party which Zadyrko and Vinsky managed to visit and to which Kapatsyna had some relation), an orientation declared a press - I didn't cause conference of doubts.

However the conflict between Nikmorport and "Nibulon" "is so picked" by all interested persons that interest to a subject could speak only expectation of sensation which had to finally and move irrevocably a bowl of scales in this infinite history. Whether these expectations were met? To judge to you.

I constantly asked myself a question - that occurs? Well, що to be quailed? - I explained the interest to this subject Gennady Zadyrko. But I noticed thus that it not against Vadatursky went about the own business that was the best grain trader of the country and even the Hero of Ukraine.

But on Friday the last court session took place, and in principle the court was defined.

But when court against presence of journalists at meeting, it already has to suggest some idea, considers G. Zadyrko.

Namely Vadatursky's representatives were against presence of journalists at court, despite positioned openness and aspiration of the company to objectivity, emphasized нардеп.

And I any more had no doubts that there is something similar on mister Zvarich, Vinsky's colleague drew unexpected conclusions.

- Why Alexey Afanasyevich launched this war? Why it sustains losses in 45 thousand dollars daily? And it becomes clear that as the court resolution says, Alexey Afanasyevich and wasn't going to get this vessel on the terminal. He decided to initiate this conflict that, having covered with a judgment, stupidly and cynically to throw the shipowner and not to pay it kopeks.And now the shipowner has really huge problems.

Zadyrko considers that the judgment justifies a swagger - a major of the contract and allows Vadatursky "to pull down the state positions".

It together with court interferes with functions of a kapitaniya of port who is responsible for safety of navigation. I as the People's Deputy will address in disciplinary instances to open disciplinary production concerning these judges. Also I will address in law enforcement agencies that they gave an assessment to actions of these judges.

From everything told it was possible to draw a conclusion that the judgment made on Friday, was not in favor of Nikmorport, and in favor of "Nibulon" because the judgment wasn't read by the People's Deputy.

Instead he remembered all conflicts known to it to "Nibulon's" participation (including on ChSZ of times Churkinykh), called it political technologies when the situation deliberately was led up to the point of absurdity.

Always in business there are situations when it is possible to agree, but isn't present, the person stops at nothing. Poltavtsev didn't resist, Churkina didn't resist. And now it entered the conflict, without having estimated a situation. "Nibulon" really broke the state interests, there is a superprofessional team of the Nikolaev sea trade port, and I as the People's Deputy will maintain them because 22 hectares of the water area are stolen from the state. Alexey Afanasyevich stole from your children these 22 hectares by means of the City Council and Vladimir Chaika.

And then the People's Deputy and the former journalist gave absolutely unexpected advice to the "colleagues" who have come to a press - conference:

- If you raise the prices of custom-made materials at 5-10 times, Vadatursky will pay. Therefore I advise you to use, because it "жнива". You earn money, this your business, your professional actions, and quietly you treat it. That dirt and lie which is printed by Vadatursky, he will pay for it and on 10 UAH for quarter cm, and 100 UAH for see quarter. So I advise before New year to earn as much as possible.

In passing People's Deputy accused the general director of JSC Nibulon of the organization including by means of this contract, leaving schemes from taxes, having assured journalists that "he counted everything" and "he so thinks". It in general is sure that "Nibulon" doesn't sustain any losses.

Generally, Zadyrko isn't pleasant "capitalist" and "speculator" Vadatursky. Because the court on Friday passed "not that" the decision.

And you watch details of this discontent and listen in video - a statement to a press - conferences which will appear within an hour.


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