From - for games of politics of the Nikolaev governor Arbuzinki's inhabitants faced gas problems

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About a year inhabitants пгт Arbuzink of the Nikolaev area wait for gas which, it seems, they already have - and at the same time it isn't present. Last year of a blue spark in the houses many arbuzinets didn't see from - that the new head of area very much wanted to date gas start-up for parliamentary elections. As a result of an artificial tightening of introduction in a gas pipeline system the majority of inhabitants of the district for the winter remained without gas.

And here - a new problem. The business owner A. Shcherbina who is actually the owner of the gas pipeline in Arbuzinke (the investor, the customer and the contractor - in one person), revised the estimate on settlement gasification towards increase - from 4 million 900 thousand UAH to 7 million 955 thousand UAH. That is - these additional expenses lay down on Arbuzinki's inhabitants who wait won't wait for the promised gas.

The desperate arbuzinets who any more don't trust local authorities, addressed for justice in the Cabinet, and also in SBU. The other day the People's Deputy of Ukraine Vladimir Matveev from whom protection arbuzinets too asked, received the answer vice-a premiere of Oleksandr Turchynov. In the letter it is reported that it is entrusted to the Nikolaev regional administration together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Fuel and Energy and Minagropolitiki to carry out an inspection of that happens to Arbuzinki's gasification.

In the fall of last year three times with a pomp lit a gas torch in Arbuzinke - the governor Alexey Garkusha was the central character of these representations.

For example, on September 25 on Arbuzinki's suburb in the face of not numerous public gas was lit. About 30 people from whom there were some inhabitants of the settlement came to observe it "a significant event". The celebration lasted all minutes seven. Of that time в.и.о. the governor Garkush I cut a ribbon at an entrance to the house of gas operators and I lit gas in specially prepared bowl. The hose on which gas was supplied in a bowl, was brought to the yard out of the house of "gas workers".

For the second time a torch lit on the square in front of regional administration.The hose was stretched from distributive substation. Then there was a question - and how it was possible to make it? After all gas of average pressure is supplied to substations, and gas which is supplied under low pressure is necessary for a torch. As experts explained, it became possible thanks to special mechanisms. All noticed that near substation from which gas was supplied, the pipes coming directly into the house, were cut off.

Garkusha then said catchwords:

"I said that gas in Arbuzinke will be prior to the beginning of a heating season, and here it here is. I said that if gas won't be, you can call me the LIAR... "

As a result of such "theater" only those arbuzinets who was strongly lucky were connected to a gas pipe. And the majority of inhabitants of the settlement who had to be content with antiquated heating in the winter, now faced with new, gasification inflated price. For many this price was very heavy. If wasn't last year of games of politics of the governor round a gas pipe - wouldn't be today at arbuzinets of such problems. Unclear them and today's strange indifference of the governor to a price arbitrariness of state of emergency of "Shcherbin".


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