GAI promises "to shake" drivers for counterfeit specialdocuments

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The management of GAI is going to reveal and withdraw more actively from drivers invalid special documents which give some advantages on the road.

The head of the department of GAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Kolomiyets reported about it in UNIAN interview.

Making comments on information of one mass media on existence of "the operational coupon" at the driver of the car who served earlier ex-the prime minister Victor Yanukovych, he told:

"Today the task is set that all such coupons - not only this car concerns, there is here any no "a target hunting" for someone, and simply any coupon which is invalid, - that they were checked actively, on the computer. And in case it wasn't given, or it is already overdue and it is visible that already absolutely other signature (the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), will be withdrawn and be given in accordance with the established procedure".

Thus Kolomiyets emphasized that, "as a rule, the operational coupon doesn't grant the right to violate Traffic regulations: he only says that it is forbidden to check the car, passengers and freights which are transported in it".

"Otherwise the sensible employee of GAI knows what to do... The employee of GAI can check at once the coupon, having transferred its data to the person on duty", - he noted.

According to the chief of GAI, the operational coupon issued on the mentioned car which served once Yanukovych, was issued during the period when the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vasily Tsushko directed.

"It - not coupons which were issued during work of the present minister. But samples still, unfortunately, didn't change. Here they then also received the coupon when it (Yanukovych) was the person which is really protected when really it was protected by special services. Certainly, it wasn't handed over then anywhere - it remained. Probably, it also show today", - Kolomiyets noted.

He emphasized that today in GAI there is "the actual one document which gives certain advantages, it is the operational coupon". "It is given for investigation cars (ours, SBU), that is for cars which sometimes act not at the numbers. They have such coupons not to declassify, than they are engaged", - the chief of GAI told.

Kolomiyets emphasized that such documents are issued field services "in accordance with the established procedure".

"Our MREO in general have no relation to their delivery: even we shouldn't know, on what car this coupon is issued as it can carry out any operational tasks. They are printed on "plasticity" and there the signature of the minister, the facsimile. If such coupon is issued, the minister doesn't sign it - the signature is put in the computer", - he told, having added that this coupon is issued only for a certain car and only for work.

The chief of GAI noted that this year only in Kiev more than 500 counterfeit special passes and the certificates issued allegedly by state institutions were withdrawn from drivers. Also more than 600 protocols for violation of the rules of equipment of cars were made by special signaling and sound devices.


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