Yanukovych: On elections there will be a bribery, provocations and attempts to involve militia

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The party leader of regions is sure that "the third round" at presidential election of 2010 won't be, but is ready to any succession of events.

He told about it in interview the Businessman - Ukraine, answering a question, whether he is ready to defend results of elections in vessels.

"We are ready to any succession of events - both to lawsuits, and to attempt to organize new Maydana. Already you will surprise us with nothing. But I am sure that people any more выдут on the Maidan. And I think that today there will be no judges who would support the decision similar to that was in 2004", - Yanukovych told.

"I don't hide that I communicate with judges and I know their point of view. And I am sure that "the third round" in 2010 won't be. Besides I am confident in such gap (between results of candidates) which won't give up to a defeated party hopes and chances for contest", - he added.

At the same time Yanukovych declared that his competitors "allocated the huge volume of funds for bribery of voters".

"We also expect that in the election day there will be various provocations. For example, our opponents will be represented by party members of regions and to offer people money. But I am sure that we will manage to prove artificial nature of these provocations", - he told.

Besides, Yanukovych noted that knows about preparing attempts "to involve militia in electoral process".

"I know that the minister Yury Lutsenko holds meetings with the militia management and promises "conclusions following the results of the first round". Though, I hope that 90% of employees of militia won't begin to interfere with elections and will ignore orders of the minister", - he told.

At the same time, according to Yanukovych, in his staff the group is created, "which has the plan of protection of results of vote from falsifications and it will carry out at all stages - both during vote, and at counting of votes".


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