Yushchenko returned to Rada the law on the criminal income

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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko returned with the offers the Law "About modification of the Law of Ukraine "About prevention and counteraction of legalization (laundering) of income gained by a criminal way" for repeated consideration by the Verkhovna Rada.

About it yesterday reported in a press - service of the head of state.

V. Yushchenko in the remarks notes that, according to the law, all subjects who performed financial operation in the course of the activity fall under supervision of the State financial monitoring of Ukraine, in particular, if transfer into the same account of funds for the sum which equals preceded the performed financial operation or exceeds 100 thousand UAH, the same or previous operational day.

He considers that it, in particular, will lead to unreasonable increase in flows of financial information therefore quality of the analysis of operations of clients of financial institutions regarding a violation of the law on counteraction of legalization (laundering) of income gained by a criminal way will significantly worsen. Also V. Yushchenko considers that the majority of financial operations will be subject to the state financial monitoring and such concept as the professional secret, and is undermined ethics of the professional relations between the client and the subject providing services is actually discredited.

The president considers inadmissible that by this law is provided that subjects of primary financial monitoring are actually allocated with the right to interfere with economic activity of subjects, to block their activity, having powers according to the offered law - to stop financial operation in the presence of a wide range of signs, among which: transfer of funds from the account in the same or next day when on it means by cash (irrespective of the amount of such operation), receiving insurance payment were brought.

Century.Yushchenko considers that new edition of the law "does not offer essentially new methods and mechanisms of fight against legalization of income gained by a criminal way, and only allocates the State committee of financial monitoring of Ukraine with unfairly big powers on collecting and concentration within one body of unlimited volume of financial information, and these powers don't meet real requirements of fight against economic crime and counteractions to terrorism financing".

He considers that the increase in number of messages to Gosfinmonitoring which need processing, will lead to increase in expenses of this body and will turn "it into storage of the huge array of confidential information, including representing a bank and trade secret". According to V. Yushchenko, concentration of all information on subjects of managing, and also about persons who according to provisions of the law are referred to category of "politicians", will create "risk of a taking specified information and uses by her other persons in own mercenary purposes".

The president is convinced that this law breaks constitutional laws and legitimate interests of citizens and subjects of business activity.

V. Yushchenko suggests parliament to reject this law.


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