The Nikolaev governor indulgently treated a mistake of the President and claims that Irina Sycheva received a well-deserved reward

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As reported "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", On December 7 on the official site of the President of Ukraine the Decree No. 1003/2009 - "About assignment by the state awards of Ukraine", signedwas publishedVictor Yushchenkostill on December 3. Award of the princess Olga III of degree, it is awarded as it is specified in the Decree, the deputy of the Nikolaev regional councilIrina Sycheva. But дate in thatisn't presentamong deputies of the Nikolaev regional council of present convocationSycheva Irina Evgenyevna.It confirms the official site of the Nikolaev regional council.Irina Sycheva- member of People's party, in other wordsmember of the same party of the present governorNikolayevshinaAlexey Garkusha.

On today's a press - conferences the head of the Nikolaev regional state administrationAlexey GarkushaI offered the explanations about it. The governor was prepared for a question in advance and showed to journalists the representation which was is directed on considerationPresident. In it it is spoken as readAlexey Nikolaevichthat"Irina Sychevaappears as the director of economics and finance of joint-stock company of open type "Pervomayskdizelmash". And in a prize leaf the characteristic more, than on the page where it is listed was placed, and that with 1994 it was the deputy of the City Council, and the deputy mayor, and with 1998 - the deputy of a regional council.

- She, in my opinion, deserved that activity which carried out throughout all the work in local governments in the difficult city of Pervomaisk.And it must be said that for the last 15 years of work it wasn't better than the mayor, from the point of view of management of the city.

The person, instead of that there write is awarded. Mistakes happen both at me, and at each of us who works. But it, in my opinion, shouldn't cast a shadow on the person who really deserved to be noted by the state award. That occurs - casts a shadow on everything that. And who didn't try that this such …

Among the big and small cities of Ukraine I don't remember a case that the mayor, having disagreed with that situation which is, wrote voluntary the application for addition from myself powers. And as for our representation - it here such what is.


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