Five years of presidency of Yushchenko became for Europe continuous disappointment

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The president of European Parliament Jerzy Buzek declares that for the last five years Ukraine didn't make essential progress in approach to the European Union, than he is very disappointed. He told about it in "Deutche Welle" interview.

"Doors of the European Union are open. But performance of criteria of the introduction is very difficult. Today the attention of the European Union is drawn to the Western Balkans. The countries of this region significantly promoted in performance of the Copenhagen criteria. If to speak about Ukraine, it is necessary to recognize: for the last five years here won't make essential progress. I speak about it with big disappointment and chagrin. We hoped for much bigger progress in approach of Ukraine to bases on which the European Union is based. Without this compatibility it is difficult to speak in general about any closer cooperation", - he told.

Thus E. Buzek noted that now a lot of things in Ukraine depend on future presidential election: "Recently I met the head of the Verkhovna Rada Litvin and the President Yushchenko. We talked how not to close the European Union for east neighbors. But a lot of things depend on future elections in Ukraine: they have to be transparent, fair and honest. It is also important that the Ukrainian leaders reached a consent and unity in the most important issues, especially in what concern rapprochement with the European Union".

At the same time, saying to that, first of all, the Ukrainian president in the direction of the European integration has to make, the President of European Parliament noted: "It is very important that the European Union, at least, didn't feel difficulties with supply of gas in the winter. It is very serious signal of ability to agree. I understand that it depends not only on the Ukrainian party. But if Ukrainians did everything possible to guarantee stability of deliveries, it would be for us the considerable help. Especially as the European Union wants to help Ukraine with investments into the gas transmission system. Second very important thing: cooperation development within "Euronest" - a network of inter-parliamentary cooperation in Europe. Cooperation in borders of the Eastern Partnership is also important.The European Union pays special attention to the next, strategic partners. We want to build such strategic relations with Ukraine".

E. Buzek also emphasized that for further rapprochement of Ukraine and EU the surname of future president, and a position of Ukrainians - civil society, non-governmental organizations plays large role not. "Ukrainians have to open even more to the west", - he added.


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