Yushchenko - Tymoshenko: the truce is ended

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Paskhalno - the May Day truce between Victor Yushchenko and Yulia Timoshenko is ended. The first it was broken by the president of Ukraine. Process is irreversible, privatization in the country is paralyzed, and resignation of Tymoshenko at which problems with a rating began isn't excluded.

Twice from Tymoshenko's easy hand discharged of a position of head of FGI Valentin Semenyuk - Samosnenko threatens (certainly, with Yushchenko's support) to put the end to a juicy scandal: "A couple of days more, and Tymoshenko herself will understand whom it pushes to a position of head of Fund".

At a watering place

"If to trust Kipling, at a reservoir predators from the jungle observe the principle of non-aggression"We will remind that peak of passions round FGI had just on Passionate Friday. The prime minister, having armed with judgments which suspended decrees of the president on personnel questions in Fund and privatization of the Odessa port plant, since the morning I seated the deputy Andrey Portnov in a chair of head of FGI.

Semenyuk - Samsonenko called actions of the prime minister "raider attack". The president supported her, having sent to help state protection, and signed new decrees instead of that suspended court. Tymoshenko in reply forbade Portnov them to carry out. It, having sat down at Cabinet of Ministers to avoid temptation "штурмануть" FGI building, I declared for May 20 privatization Odessa port. In the evening of the same day the State Office of Public Prosecutor protested orders of Cabinet of Ministers, and their action was suspended for 10 days.

Everything who attentively watched succession of events, it was initially clear that captured and wounded in this war won't be. As, however, and winners.

"Fight of titans" already led to that behind squabbles the main characters "fights for FGI" started losing the ratings of trust. Mad rise in prices in the last months and constant showdowns in style of balaganovsky "and you who such" led to that, according to April opinion polls, being in the lead before Tymoshenko for two percent was overtaken by the leader of opposition Victor Yanukovych.

The calm of the first days of May guarded. Moreover, for Tymoshenko and Yushchenko's Easter peacefully prayed nearby in one cathedral.

If to trust Kipling, at a reservoir predators from the jungle observe the principle of non-aggression. Political scientists explained to the newspaper the LOOK that in this case "the law of the jungle" works only because after an open phase oppositions intensive negotiations between a president's team and team of the prime minister began. The benefit, it is round what to bargain.

For example, the representative "orange" Ksenia Lyapina declared that in exchange for acceptance of changes in the law about Cabinet of Ministers WELL pro-presidential fraction - The NANOSECOND can vote for surname change on doors of an office of the head of the State property fund.

Besides, before holidays I "hanged" and the Constitutional process lobbied by the president: going on vacation, politicians promised that on return will take out on public court the options of changes in the Constitution. It is clear that pro-presidential forces want that won against their option.

But, probably, negotiations didn't lead to a full consent of the parties, and fight proceeded. So, the president Victor Yushchenko demanded that all parties of the conflict round FGI were guided only by provisions of the Constitution. He told about it in interview to journalists on Monday.

Yushchenko emphasized that, according to the existing Constitution, the solution of a question on dismissal and appointment of the head of the State property fund is in exclusive competence of parliament.

"Nobody will change this provision of the law, and I oblige all parties which take part today in the conflict, to be guided exclusively by the Constitution of Ukraine" - the president told, having noted that is illegitimate dismissed or is illegitimate the appointed head of FGI - "it is a cross on all privatization".

Besides, according to the president, all this situation discredits Ukraine, its power and seriously reduces the cost of objects of privatization.

"My recommendation, and to the government including, - to be engaged in now those affairs which concern exclusively legal plane of settlement of this question", - Yushchenko emphasized.

He also noted that no power option will pass. "I will accurately guard standards of the Constitution in the matter. It seems to me, the government well understands it but why - that doesn't draw the corresponding conclusions. We go the wrong road", - the president of Ukraine told.


The deputy from Communist Party Evgeny Marmazov predicts that KPU fraction won't take part in vote on the issue of Valentina Semenyuk's dismissal - Samsonenko from a position of the head of the State property fund.

"I so think that we won't get into this dirty game", - Marmazov on a press - conferences on Monday declared, having noted that KPU Semenyuk - Samsonenko won't give the votes in a dismissal question.

Thus Marmazov expressed opinion that Tymoshenko's decision on appointment as the acting as the head of FGI Andrey Portnov is legislatively reasonable.

"You know, under the law it is right", - Marmazov told journalists. According to him, FGI submits to the Cabinet of Ukraine and, proceeding from the law on public service, the higher head can temporarily discharge the head of FGI for two months for carrying out investigation.

The deputy also emphasized that arguments Semenyuk - Samsonenko concern former provisions of the Constitution which already don't work.

The political scientist Vadim Karasyov declared to the newspaper the LOOK that, despite so rigid rhetoric, it is hardly worth expecting Tymoshenko's resignation. "There will be a diarchy in the State property fund, actions and Semenyuk, and Portnova will be blocked by vessels. And the president can agree on replacement of head of Fund in exchange for the program of privatization approved by the Verkhovna Rada. Then the person at a wheel of FGI will carry out only the program, instead of instructions of the prime minister or the president".

And here other Ukrainian political scientist - Vladimir Fesenko - doesn't exclude neither resignations of the prime minister, nor coalition split. "Tymoshenko now arrives as she is prompted by administrative and political logic. She understood that from the president to wait for concessions is useless. On the other hand, Yushchenko tries to get up over a situation and to influence it not personal authority, and with the help is judicial - legal bodies. Its purpose - before pronouncement of decisions on Tymoshenko to transfer the conflict exclusively to the legal plane", - Fesenko explained to the newspaper the LOOK.

"Anyway, - the director of the Center of researches of problems of civil society Vitaly Kulik summarizes. - As a result of actions and that, and other party of FGI it will be disabled and paralyzed".

And while politicians battle, the State property fund returned to the Russian enterprise "Nitrogen — Service" the guarantee contribution listed by the company for participation in competition on sale of the equity stake of the Odessa port plant.

By data a press - services FGI, the head of fund Valentina Semenyuk - Samsonenko signed the order on competition cancellation on sale of the equity stake of JSC Odessa Port Plant. That on which sale the Cabinet of Ministers announced competition twice, and the president Victor Yushchenko the decrees cancelled it twice.


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