Tymoshenko refused to answer what questions of nikolayevets?

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Today within Yulia Timoshenko's visit to the Nikolaev area it was carried out a press - conference. However, to ask questions, essential for nikolayevets, representatives of local mass media didn't manage. Press - the secretary Premier - initially I warned the minister Marín Soroc that questions it will be possible to set only 3-4, and I provided the right to set them to capital mass media then Yulia Vladimirovna left.

Questions which were asked by correspondents of 1+1, Inter and ICTV TV channels concerned gas prices, price of bread in Kiev and, whether the parliament will be dismissed again. After answers to them Yulia Timoshenko thanked the press and went to regional administration.

Having arrived to Nikolaev, Tymoshenko visited the most safe enterprises - plant "Damen Shipyards "Ocean" and successful agricultural JSC Guryevka of the New Odessa area. And here many problems of the region weren't lifted.

However, at meeting with administratively - an economic asset of the Nikolaev area Yulia Vladimirovna raised the question of construction of the bypass bridge through the Southern Bug. She noted that is ready to hold negotiations on this question with the Japanese party and to initiate the direction of the credit of Japanese bank of the international cooperation for the sum of 175 million dollars, allocated for reconstruction of the international airport "Borispol", on construction of the bypass bridge in Nikolaev.

"While I speak about the plan in order that for "Borispol" (ред: the airport) could attract the investor according to the open auction scheme, let builds terminals not for public funds, and we will transfer this credit to Nikolaev to complete the district road", - I told Tymoshenko.

GP "The Delta — the Pilot" labor union in writing addressed today to the Prime minister - to the minister with a question why to Mintranssvyaz regularly declares that construction of the Danube — the Black Sea project goes according to the plan though actually works aren't conducted.Money, but the Danube channel are allocated for construction actively замеливается with fast waters of the river, and it is impossible to deepen it. Also the labor union of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" is interested why Ministry of Transport didn't react to opinion of staff of the enterprise concerning competence and capacity of the director "The delta - the pilot" Alexander Golodnitsky why the enterprise in large quantities dismisses workers? These questions are sent to Yulia Vladimirovna and workers "The delta - the pilot" hope that them will hear and will react at the level of the country government.

Not clear there is a situation with GAHK ChSZ. We will remind that the state property fund demands to increase volumes of processing of metal to 60 thousand tons, agrees with инвестобязательсвами. The investor, without having such opportunity, I suggested to transfer this obligation to a money equivalent. Non-performance of investment obligations can lead to return of plant to state ownership. The director general of ChSZ Ilya Gorn at meeting on shipbuilding questions at Okean plant told today: "The situation is stabilized therefore on plant I won't tell anything". Yulia Timoshenko on this remark told nothing, in any way on it didn't comment.

At the same meeting the director general of plant of 61 Communard Victor Kozyrev touched upon a subject of privatization of this enterprise in connection with the deplorable situation which has developed there. After all the plant is for a long time unprofitable, any bank doesn't give it the credit. Kozyrev asked Tymoshenko about the fastest privatization, or granting to banks of guarantees of the state. Tymoshenko answered it that the state will give guarantees only on condition that the management of plant will be able to prove presence of specific customers. Therefore, most likely, that the plant of 61 Communards waits privatization.

The prime minister - the minister also didn't give the comments concerning the conflict Chaika - Zabzalyuk. We will remind that Roman Zabzalyuk initiated earlier creation of the deputy commission on check of activity of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, and BYuT fraction in the Nikolaev city council openly opposes Vladimir Chaika, wishing to initiate new elections of the Nikolaev mayor thereby.

About plant resale "Damen Shipyards "Ocean", namely about a position on this question of the state property fund and Tymoshenko's government, nikolayevets too couldn't learn. Remained to unknown, whether new Russian owners, the Aker Yards Ukraine Holding company will assign dominating positions and as it will affect a ship-building situation in Ukraine to themselves.

Generally, why Yulia Vladimirovna came to Nikolaev, by and large remained a riddle for many.


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