To "Komsomol" of Party of Regions suggested to discover beer Yanukovych's name

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At congress of "youth team" of Party of Regions Victor Fedorovich gave lecture, called Europe "state" and "lit" a gold feather.

Congress of "The union of youth of regions of Ukraine" took place in the chamber atmosphere of children's morning performance. Hall of Zvezdny movie theater covered with slogans "Yanukovych - our President! ". On walls stuck tens photos of the smiling Victor Fedorovich with teenagers of different age. Young delegates, a half from which it was dressed in blue sweaters, held in hand it is white - blue folders. Besides working materials, in folders there were bright badges, scarfs, handles and brelka with party symbolics. There were no only party pies and party lemonade.

From the very beginning of the young man and the girl waited for "Leader", but that sat at restaurant of movie theater and answered questions of journalists of the Kherson and Nikolaev areas. At this time "Komsomol members" of PR on time - two - three carried out management change. At the request of the long-term chief of "Youth of regions" Vitaly Homutynnik, the organization was headed by his first deputy Andrey Pinchuk. Vitalik referred on arrived "personally from Victor Fedorovich" the offer to head operetta "tax administration" in "the shadow government".

- I didn't get used to work half, - explained, modestly smiling, Homutynnik.

After that on a scene delegates grateful to Yanukovych one by one stretched.

- … And, certainly, only this person proved not the word, and business the care of younger generation! - the Olympic champion in archery Victor Ruban told.

- In 2004 orange heads wanted to force Sevastopol to the knees! - terribly the head of city "youth team" Sergey Reznichenko broadcast. About the new chief, Andrey Pinchuk, he gave high praise:

- I hope, we will tear all on slices!

Unlike the Sevastopol hawk, the singer Evgenia Vlasova responded about Yanukovych with truly female warm-heartedness. It supposedly goes on areas for "Regions" also because about "Leader" Evgenia has positive information from personal sources …

- I learned from other people about Victor Fedorovicha as about the person, - the singer explained.

Old residents sitting in the first row Vladimir Rybak and Anatoly Kinakh with any special sympathy looked at Evgenia Vlasova. However, Anatoly Kirillovich continually drove in a dream.

And suddenly in a hall I began "движняк". It to a scene invited heads of 40 All-Ukrainian youth organizations. That began, from - for what, actually, and started it congress: procedure of signing of collective "approval" of the candidate Yanukovych.

From outside it strongly resembled KVN, there was no chairman of jury only.

But here it came also. The hall began to chant:

- I - well - to - HIV! I - well - to - HIV!

Victor Fedorovich, shining, I came to a tribune.

- I wanted to make today such short performance more … to look in the our joint future …

Before "Leader" the red folder with documents which, however, didn't prevent it to bear "gag" lay.

- Today ours … my generation bears responsibility for a situation in the country, and, of course, we shouldn't bring you. We have to make everything to transfer you the strong state of which you … we … together with you … would be proud, - Yanukovych declared.

On a face of the newly made chief of "regional" "youth team" pride was immediately displayed. Yanukovych's all speech Andrey Pinchuk staid a navytyazhka.

Meanwhile Victor Fedorovich passed to a report essence.

- Well, and, of course, I would like to make very shortly such here … accents on some questions of reforming of our life, - he declared.

Followed he slowly (and in quite general expressions) told half an hour about economy, foreign policy, education, medicine and other ecology. With each new paragraph from the red folder young audience considerably скучнела. Though from time to time skilled Proffesor brought in prolonged lecture revival at the expense of the unique manner of the speech. So, speaking about local government, "Leader" confidentially told:

- I such short give examples, without going deep deeply into details. But I think that you well understand because many of you already as speak, passed elementary schools of an educational program in policy and in life. And in many respects you understand …

Having reached foreign policy, Yanukovych noticed:

- We see, what high level of terrorism now in the world. And it needs to resist! And association of efforts of the states living, in certain huge territories, for example such, as … Europe …

There came a pause:Victor Fedorovich went deep into a dangerous jungle of geography. On the person it was visible that it should do over itself efforts.

- … America, Asia - means, they, I so would tell, creating the systems of safety …

Measured "чес" renewed, but for a while. Yanukovych again pulled in a school office.

- Ukraine as the state which borrows such, I would tell, interesting гео …

Again pause. Definitely, this day Victor Fedorovich went on a razor edge.

- … graphic arrangement which is between two strong states which have the systems of safety. It is Europe in which NATO prevails, and Russia which has the system of safety in which are united a number of CIS countries, - the candidate for president explained.

Having renamed Europe from the part of the world to the state, Yanukovych moved further. The following time the audience regained consciousness when "Leader", cheerfully smiling, told:

- Well, I here speak about specific questions … You see that I criticize the power because already there is no sense it very little to criticize.

Sitting near the correspondent of "Regional committee" of Evgeny Vlasov giggled, and a hall, "having got the idea" in хохму, I applauded. The mood at Victor Fedorovich became even better.

At last, having finished insurance medicine and ecology, Yanukovych passed to final parting words. Most of all it was pleasant to public here that:

- … I rest big hope for a youth wing of our party. I believe that together with us you protect results of our vote!

While in a hall an applause rattled, Victor Fedorovich on a scene sat down at a table, got the gold handle with a feather and put the signature in the memorandum. Applause passed into the ovation, all hall rose - and on a scene Anyuta Slavskaya - an old partaypevitsa of the Ave.

jumped out

- "Young regions know a right way", - I started singing, moving to a step hips, Anyuta. In breaks between couplets she cried out:

- Tell, you are sure of the victory?

- Yes! - the hall answered.

- Our choice - Victor Yanukovych! - Anyuta summarized.

Victor Fedorovich, smiling enough, I listened to the end of this nonsense - and I was removed from a hall.

- Congress appears closed! - the leader declared.

Delegates moved to an exit. Having already left in the foyer, the correspondent of "Regional committee" opened the delegate folder. The attention of journalists was drawn by a party charm.

- Look and same an opener for beer! - the colleague standing nearby told.

And really, the charm was "obviously ground" under a beer cover. On an opener the slogan was engraved: "Yanukovych - our president-2010".

So to Komsomol of Party of Regions allowed to discover beer Yanukovych's name.


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