In the hatch of the guided missile cruiser - the museum "Ukraine" on excursion won't creep 80% of the population, the governor of Nikolayevshchina

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One of the most powerful ships, the Ukraine guided missile cruiser which dead freight costs already many years in Nikolaev as soon as didn't try to adapt. To saw not metal at anybody the hand isn't raised is one of, I won't be afraid to tell, shipbuilding masterpieces. Here only the fighting ship after disintegration of the Union was to nobody necessary.

According to the candidate for president Sergey Tigipko if not to turn out to sell the cruiser, it is possible to make of it cultural - an entertainment complex. We will remind that the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika already stated earlier idea to make of the cruiser the museum, I supported him and the candidate for presidentAnatoly Gritsenko.

The Nikolaev governor Alexey Garkusha against such use of the guided missile cruiser.

- Before elections it is possible to tell anything. There very narrow passes and hatches, it is impossible to ensure safety at an emergency situation. Life support system in case of such situation: they batten down bunk rooms, the hatches, one people perish, others survive, buoyancy provide. And how to be in this situation? Who will provide it? Heating, evacuation.

Besides, the governor noted that the entertainment complex or the museum is an almost inconvenient idea - owing to features of the Ukrainian constitution.

- At us in the country of 80% of the population won't creep in the hatch to pass on excursion. Without speaking about evacuation. Without knowing courses and so on. What there it is possible to place? Is those who don't know and want to be pleasant, can about such speak!


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