In "Self-defense" say that Yushchenko revenges Lutsenko

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The deputy from "National self-defense" Yury Stets considers that the president Victor Yushchenko, demanding to dismiss the Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko, revenges it.

So he commented on Yushchenko's address to the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko with a request to direct to parliament idea of Lutsenko's dismissal from a position of the Minister of Internal Affairs, reports a press - service "National self-defense".

"Yesterday Yury Lutsenko defiantly left from meeting at the president when Yushchenko forgot that he is the Guarantor of the law and that he without proofs can't accuse anybody of corruption", - told Stets.

He noted that the president started accusing all heads of all power structures of "all sins which only can be" including the Minister of Internal Affairs.

"On Lutsenko's place, I would arrive as. Each person has honor and advantage", - told Stets.

"We are born not presidents or deputies, and identical people, it should be remembered. If you called someone on meeting, at first hear the report, and then tell the point of view", - the deputy declared.

It is sure that political reasons in Yushchenko's desire to dismiss Lutsenko aren't present.

"It is usual revenge of the person of no character no more. There is no policy. Here personal motives. Such position not to the person to the president, it is very weak and simply ridiculous that the first person of the state" so behaves, - told Stets.

And his ally Ekaterina Lukyanova, in turn, reacted to words of the candidate for president from Socialist party Alexander Moroz who called Lutsenko "konjyunkturshchiky" and "deserter", and also allowed possible dismissal of the Interior Minister.

"On the eve of New year "grandfather" and "Frost" have to be engaged in the direct duties: to amuse, entertain the people of Ukraine, since children. And to prophesy someone resignations or increases in positions, not the grandfather - morozovsky business! ", - she declared.

Lukyanova advised "to the visiting guest on a political Olympus" Moroz "to find joyful occupation as it had a lot of free time from policy".


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