The secretariat of the President again copied the Decree about rewarding with Irina Sycheva's award

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In the Secretariat of the President idlers sit not - they published on a site already the third edition Decree No. 1003/2009 - "About assignment of the state awards of Ukraine".

So in the first edition by an award of the princess Olga III of degree, it is awarded as it is specified in the Decree, the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council Irina Sycheva. As it became clear later that isn't present among deputies of the Nikolaev regional council of present convocation of Sycheva Irina Evgenyevna. The governor of Nikolayevshchina Alexey Garkusha reported that in his representation of a mistake wasn't - even showed this representation. Then SPU removed Irina Sycheva who already at that time has received an award, from the list at all.

So that's that:

But last night the Secretariat of the President found a catch - for the third time having published the Decree in which designated that Irina Sychev - the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council of the second convocation. She really was the deputy of a regional council - in 1998 (well that didn't remember whom there was Irina Evgenyevna in youth, for example), this saving straw and employees of SPU found in the characteristic. Here is how the secretariat - it seems not idlers got out, and could live... Pier, everything is correct they specified, only didn't add a little.

Probably, the President personally brought an order to the secretariat.

Now the Decree carries such look:

We hope, these are the last metamorphoses with the distressful Decree.


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