The ex-the governor of Nikolayevshchina Alexander Sadykov admitted that laid a hand to increase in birth rate in area

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Deputy head of the Secretariat of PresidentAlexander Sadykov, which now heads the Nikolaev regional campaign headquarters of the candidate for president of UkraineVictor Yushchenko, in time the press - conferences told on December 10, howVictor YushchenkoI kept the promise given in 2004.

We will remind, then the President promised to break a tendency of reduction of population of Ukraine.Alexander SadykovI assured that, being the governor of Nikolayevshchina of 2 years and 7 months, I worked to keep this promise.

- The demographic situation was taken as the main macroeconomic indicator, - he told. - Payments were for this purpose increased at the birth of the first, second and third child. Before to payment wasn't. We as the regional state administration assumed that there will be a surge in birth rate.

At that time governorSadykovI started preparing area for children's boom.

- We checked a condition of maternity hospitals of area, - speaksAlexander Sadykov. - In 90% from them the thermal mode wasn't maintained - rooms weren't heated. I set the task to heads of regional administrations first of all to replace windows in all delivery rooms till winter of 2006, to heat all rooms, to observe a thermal mode. And areas competed with each other at whom the delivery room is better.

-It isn't a shame to me with one delivery room in the Nikolaev area, - continuesAlexander Sadykov. - Some areas "showed off" so, namely,Domanevskythat the delivery room became more similar to five-stars hotel. And now there people come to give birth from Odessa for money.

Also the regional state administration took care and of reanimation of newborns.

- We provided each resuscitation unit with couveuses, medical ventilation apparatuses. I spent charitable evenings, and on the raised money we acquired the latest equipment for children's reanimation.Thanks to it werechildren who had no chance to surviveearlier are rescued. I each time am interested, how many children rescued thanks to this equipment. Today -more than 500 kids. For the sake of it it was worth participating in policy? - Sadykov summed up.

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