The Nikolaev court forced the chief physician of maternity hospital regional Volokhov to remove Yanukovych from windows of female consultation

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Now in Nikolaev of each window of female consultation doesn't stick out any moreYanukovych. The boards agitating for one of candidates for president of Ukraine removed from windows of female consultation No. 2 of city maternity hospital No. 1 only after the court recognized such situation illegal.

We will remind, "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that all Nikolaev girls who are going to become mothers, or come to female consultation No. 2 of city maternity hospital No. 1 on Maloy Morskoy St. and Nikolskaya St. crossing at an entrance the candidate for a presidential chairmeetsVictor Yanukovych.And not only in the doorway, it sticks out of each window of female consultation, behind each glass.

After that, having armed with listing of a material of a site"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", authorized representative of the presidential candidate of UkraineYulia Timoshenko Margarita ChernenkoI protested in court of action of the Nikolaev city council, the chief physician of maternity hospital No. 1 EvgenyVolokhovaand Managements of health protection of executive committee of the Nikolaev State Council, made by them within pre-election campaign.

AfterVolokhov, as wall-paper I pasted over the building of female consultation with portraitsYanukovych,Chernenkofrom the political force I addressed toTo Volokhovwith the offer "share on-brotherly" city property and to stick postersin the same quantityTymoshenko. ButVolokhovI refused "to even the score". ThenChernenkoI appealed to the Central district court of Nikolaev - if its actions lawful, then let will allow also to it posters to hang up.

On what judgeV. Aleynikovthe court resolution of December 7 I refused satisfaction of requirements of the applicant. BUT!

At the same time, when considering the case the court established that the room and a structure of maternity hospital No. 1 is used by the chief physician Volokhov for propaganda for Yanukovych that Volokhov didn't deny, and explained that made it proceeding from especially personal belief.

But the owner of a structure - the Nikolaev city council as it became clear, didn't give the permission to such "jewelry".

"Such actions obviously violate an electoral law as their contents is conducting selective propaganda with violation of basic provisions and the principles of electoral process, and is concrete, fixed in point 7 of part 1 of article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "About an election of the president of Ukraine" the principle of impartiality of institutions and their heads to presidential candidates Ukraine.

Moreover, such actions involve important medical institution - maternity hospital - in commission of functions not inherent in it, distracting it commission of functions concerning ensuring granting акушерско - the gynecologic and neonatologichesky stationary help. They testify about violation of the functions by Volokhov, and is concrete, points 4, 7.3, 8.11 of Approximate situation on the chief physician of the Maternity Hospital approved by the order of the ministry of health protection No. 620 from December 29, 2003", the resolution says.

The court decided to inform the Nikolaev city council, Management of health protection of executive committee of the City Council, the chief physician of maternity hospital No. 1 for acceptance of immediate measures concerning violations of the law and other response measures.

The resolution obligatory to execution to inform on its execution court.

As commented"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"deputy of the City CouncilAlexander Kurchenko: "This building belongs to a city community. and only the Nikolaev city council is authorized to dispose of it. And the city council didn't give an assignment to the chief physician of maternity hospital No. 1 to turn the building of female consultation No. 2 into an agitpalatkaVictor Yanukovych.Therefore the court made the logical decision".


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