In Nikolaev the authorized representative of Tymoshenko organized propaganda action "for Yanukovych"?

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"Horsesmixed up in a heap,people… "


Yu. Lermontov

The election day is closer, the all zaputanny becomes a situation with relationship between representatives from different (contradictory) political camps.

Yesterday the city of Nikolaev was visited by the People's Deputy from Party of Regions, ex-the governor of the Nikolaev area Anatoly Kinakh.

It would seem that here such - before elections representatives of all political forces go to regions to tell about the one who needs to be supported during this or that electoral company. Yes, it is valid so, but during similar visits it is possible to notice very many interesting things.

As it appeared, about visit of the People's Deputy of Ukraine A. Kinakh to Nikolaev, his local members of the same party knew nothing, and can be simple decided to tell nothing to representatives of mass media who were interested in this question.

But the city of Nikolaev - the small city and it is simply impossible to hide arrival of such known person.

In Nikolaev A. Kinakh made records on some TV channels and communicated to students of one of higher education institutions. But about higher education institution a little later.

It should be noted that in the Nikolaev regional organization of Party of Regions certain people nevertheless knew about A. Kinakh's visit. And not that knew, and, seemingly, and organized it.

In particular, попятам for the guest the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council from Party of Regions V. Rukomanov went. I accompanied Anatoly Kirillovich and the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika.

The Nikolaev mayor doesn't cease to surprise with the working capacity - in the 7th mornings he already was in the study in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, having held some meetings, swam for a while in the pool "Aquarius" after that - I paid A. Kinakhu's attention … And it isn't clear still when at Vladimir Dmitriyevich the working day ended.

Now as for higher education institution. At 15.00 Anatoli Kinakh, accompanied by the same mayor of Nikolaev and the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council, visited gallery of the Black Sea state university and communicated to students of this higher education institution.

Communication took place in the assembly hall of ChGU and that the most interesting, on a scene, near the People's Deputy of Ukraine from Party of Regions and the mayor of Nikolaev there was also a rector of higher education institution Leonid Klimenko - the authorized representative of the candidate for president of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko.

Very funny it turns out - the authorized representative of Tymoshenko quietly listens to propaganda of opponents, and in addition to it, most likely, this action is organized not without its participation - to students of some groups "recommended" to listen to A. Kinakh's clever speeches.

What is it L. Klimenko tries to please both your and our? It is interesting how the head of the BYuT Nikolaev regional organization R. Zabzalyuk will look at it? And how - Tymoshenko?

Or there can be it that notorious democracy, can be ready to refuse the Ukrainian elite continuous opposition and to combine the efforts to bring the country out of crisis?


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