In Pervomaisk the exhibition of the Nikolaev artists

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On July 4 in the building of city museum of local lore of Pervomaisk the exhibition of the Nikolaev artists opened. Known masters brought works which are thematically connected with the nature, people and events of this edge.

Oleg PRIKHODKO, Olga and Dmitry ARTYM, Yury MAKUSHIN, Alexander MATIYKO, Anatoly ZAVGORODNY, Evnan MIRZOYEV, Mikhail OZERNY, Vitaly SHEVCHENKO, Nikolay of BEREZHNAYA, Inna MYALO, Yury BANDALIYEV, Olga LEBED, Gennady PLUZHNIK and Yury KORNYUKOV presented to spectators landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

- At desire the people could bring to Pervomaisk more … - the chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization of the National Union of artists of Ukraine Oleg Prikhodko is convinced. - Probably, it is difficult to find at us the artist who at least time didn't visit in the open air Grushevke, on the migiyskikh thresholds or other places granitno - steppe Pobuzhya. Only on my memory, within thirty years, artists from many countries of the near and far abroad here managed to work. Germans, Americans, British, French, Georgians, Russians and Moldavians took away with themselves works with views of this most beautiful earth …

Thirty works of the Nikolaev masters took place in two small adjacent halls of the city museum. The building waits long ago for repair and hardly will wait. The governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey GARKUSHA sounded before journalists the opinion about a utopian invention "two months ago to produce museum holdings" in the ship region, and it means that existence of May Day branch of regional museum of local lore becomes a utopia.

However, citizens present at an exhibition didn't think of sad prospect and didn't notice external wretchedness of rooms. They opened for themselves the new world of the native nature eyes of the Nikolaev painters.

- I pass every day by this place in Grushevke … - the surprised visitor stops near Yury Kornyukov's water color. - Here nearby, behind turn, school where my children studied … Never I thought that it is so beautiful.You know, usually the view of habitual things at the person is always hackneyed …

The reality becomes better through art refraction in pictures also motivates careful attitude to the earth which gives birth to artists and poets.

The national artist of Ukraine Andrey ANTONYUK was born in Pervomaisk and is going to arrange this year here the personal exhibition. Bogopolsky landscapes of the well-known artist "crept away" for a long time worldwide. The nature granitno - steppe Pobuzhya eyes of the master became property of known European and American galleries.

The opening day opened on July 4 solemnly. State speeches of officials from culture weren't. Simple citizens who thanked the Nikolaev painters acted and rejoiced for the pupils of the local art school who have had an unexpected opportunity to communicate to masters.
The exhibition took place, thanks to support of the deputy of regional council Alexander SADYKOV and Saint Nikolay Chudotvorts's fund. A. Sadykov gives long ago system financial help to hospitals, kindergartens and other social establishments of Pervomaisk. The opening day of the Nikolaev artists, according to initiators of an exhibition, won't be single charitable action, it will lay the foundation to the target program which has to promote familiarizing of inhabitants of area with cultural achievements of edge.


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