"The airport for all — both for BYuTA, and for Regions, and for people", - is considered by A.Keyan, but deputies to the airport of money yet didn't give

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As we already reported, on 33-й sessions of regional council which took place on December 11, the question of the situation which has developed in the course of implementation of decisions of regional council on privatization of KP "The international airport "Nikolaev" was considered also.

It should be noted that the demarche of the head of department concerning property of municipal property of Yulia Kravchenko which Mukola.net already mentioned, didn't aggravate its situation in eyes of a depuy corps: in the draft of the proposed solution its work on the organization of process of privatization of the airport and implementation of solutions of session of a regional council also was so recognized unsatisfactory, and to the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkushe recommended even to consider a question of expediency of stay on a post of Yu.Kravchenko.

But if on paper - in the solution of session - the fault for non-performance of solutions of sessions of regional council is equally assigned both to the regional state administration, and to KP "The international airport "Nikolaev" why - that in practice - during matter consideration - developed impression about the benevolent attitude towards the director of the airport Andrey Keyan.

To Andrey Keyan listened completely. He told that when he entered a position, the airport had no licenses and certificates. Now they are, but the term of their action will soon come to the end.

A.Keyan actually accused the regional state administration of a tightening of process of privatization, stated aloud surprise why from the allocated 3,5 million UAH the airport was reached only by 2 million, and urged deputies to help.

In the draft decision of session it was a question of the sum of 2,2 million UAH which could be allocated to the airport on a returnable basis for obtaining (continuation) of the corresponding certificates (permissions) to implementation of aviation activity of the enterprise.

"The airport for all - both for BYuTA, and for Regions, and for people. I ask to help - if it isn't necessary to you, it is necessary to me", - Andrey Keyan spoke, drawing before deputies some ways of a way out - airport sale, its sanitation (read: bankruptcy), rent or governing body change.

After A.Keyan many deputies acted. Someone as, for example, Sergey Dergunov, wanted "to put a question point-blank: to dismiss Keyan and to put there the neutral person, and to deputies - to be defined, on what way we go".

Nikolay Dzardanov as the witness of transfer of the airport from state in regional municipal property ("then I told that want to resell the airport", - the deputy spoke), suggested to return the airport to the state.

But for A.Keyan the head of the constant commission of a regional council concerning housing and communal services, construction, privatization and property Alexander Zubko interceded.

He called him "the professional head" who "conducted to that the airport cost any money".
"I don't know, on thoughtlessness or the way of years - corporatisation was foolishly chosen. We lost two years, but licenses will end soon, and the airport will turn into a platform for a pasture of cows", - A.Zubko told.

Having put end under debate, the head of a regional council Tatyana Demchenko told that "the answer to a question "What to do? " we have to hear from the regional state administration", and suggested to vote for the draft decision which was offered by temporary control commission of regional council with several additions.

In - the first, from the solution of session cleaned the exact sum which has to be allocated to the airport ("let the regional state administration will count, how many it is necessary means". - T.Demchenko) told, and in - the second, there brought point on the report on management activity concerning property of municipal property.

Besides, in compliance with the solution of session the head of a regional council T.Demchenko has to address in prosecutor's office concerning legality of actions of officials of management concerning property of municipal property regarding non-performance of the solution of session of regional council on the organization of process of privatization of the enterprise.

And the temporary control commission has to provide "effective control" of performance by the regional state administration of the solution of a regional council about privatization as airport, and other enterprises, of whose destiny deputies of a regional council disposed.


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