Yushchenko says that Tymoshenko, having become the president, will destroy 25 million Ukrainians

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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko declares that in case of election as the president Yulia Timoshenko intends to appoint the public prosecutor of Ukraine of Victor Medvedchuk.

He told about it today during a meeting with inhabitants of the district Zhovkva to the Lvov area.

"Several days ago I heard words of the prime minister about the budget, she told that if she will have her public prosecutor - and I think that for anybody isn't a secret that is a question of Medvedchuk, - that the prime minister will be able to provide implementation of the budget", - the president told.

According to him, in 30-x years in Germany thoughts of a strong hand too soared in the power, and as a result, 30 million people were lost.

According to the president, the same happened and in the Soviet Union when Iosif Stalin came to the power.

"It very quickly brought an order, on a cemetery. To forces of a time of 25 million graves of Ukrainians accurately stand", - the president told.

According to him, to Ukraine it isn't necessary neither Goebbels, nor Hitler, Stalin, and politicians, such as Václav Havel, Alexander Kvasnevsky who provided democratic development of the country in the countries are necessary.

Also V. Yushchenko emphasized that Ukraine will be able to remain the independent sovereign state only on condition of democracy preservation. It is also sure that any authoritarian regime will lead to future colonization of the country.


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