Yanukovych's visit on the Nikolaev airport - who welcomed the significant guest?

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On Friday, December 11, a press - the service of Party of Regions published on the official website the photo report under the loud name «Victor Yanukovych visited the Kherson and Nikolaev areas».

And everything is very simple. Actually, the candidate for president of Ukraine carried out visit to the Kherson area. The Nikolaev area became «forcedly transit» , after all the Kherson airport doesn't function for a long time.

Many Nikolaev sites, nevertheless, didn't ignore the fact of an arrival and flying away of the leader «it is white - blue» in/from the Nikolaev airport. Some even described design of the plane on which Victor Fedorovich moved.

All the matter is that it is more that of anything to tell about visit of the leader of ratings of presidential election to the Nikolaev area, by and large, and it is impossible. I arrived, I got into the car and I went to Kherson. I arrived from Kherson of villages to the plane - I departed.

Unfortunately, a press - the service of Party of Regions in the photo report didn't place any photo «professors» on the Nikolaev earth.

And it would be very interesting to look who met and saw off Victor Fedorovich at the Nikolaev airport. Why it is interesting? Yes at least because this day there took place regular session of the Nikolaev regional council one of questions on which considered the question connected with the Municipal enterprise «Airport Nikolaev».

The director of this enterprise very much asked the head of a regional council to consider as soon as possible a question on the airport, referring to that today this object accepts a set of flights, onboard which very significant people. But here the head of regional council was unperturbable and told that it is impossible to accelerate process in any way and all questions will go on - to an order.

It is interesting, whether the director of the airport managed to welcome guests? Whether there was there Tatyana Demchenko and the mayor of Nikolaev V. Chaika?

And however, what to sin on a press - service, after all Victor Fedorovich all the same confuses the Nikolaev and Kherson areas…It was confirmed also by its last visit to Nikolaev.


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