Tomorrow in Nikolaev открывется the updated museum devoted to the Afghan events of 1979 - 1989

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On December 15 opening of the updated museum devoted to the Afghan events of 1979-1989 will take place. The museum is created and works at base of the Nikolaev regional union of soldiers - internationalists and a stock on Nikolskaya Street, 44.

Having moved to the bigger room, the museum expanded an exposition, became richer also the informativny. On its opening the management of council waits for distinguished guests and soldiers - "Afghans", whose awards got lost many years ago, and now them have to hand over to heroes. Originally museum exposition settled down in the tiny room of council. Nevertheless, there it was possible to see a set of the most interesting artifacts which are directly related to events in Afghanistan. It was actually made by efforts of participants of the Afghan war. Ammunition, sleeves, means of communication, splinters of shells, household items and many other things that once visited a hot spot.

As the chairman of the union Alexander Nikolaevich Tokarev noted, the museum collects a collection of these subjects of material memory that there was an opportunity visually to acquaint youth with certificates heroic and in too time of tragic pages of recent history of the people of the former USSR. Especially as direct participants of these events live among us, as well as those to whom the destiny ordered to bear an awful cross - to lose in the war the child.

The desire to create the special atmosphere in council became other purpose. There was a wish to avoid conventionalism: table, chair, typewriter and indifferent functionaries. In the union the people who have passed war address, many of them lost on it the health, some lost belief in justice already here - on the Homeland and in a peace time. Here also it was decided to make so that всяк here the entering understood and felt that came to the, those who fully can divide with it and memory about left, and difficulties of today.

Today all collection moved to the bigger room literally behind the door next to the union, and on a former place banners of parts, divisions, the regiments, separate crews which participated in the Afghan events are exposed now. That again surprised, so it is an invention and an ingenuity of organizers of the museum.

As well as in the old room, there are no naked walls, and show-windows with exhibits don't look poor and lonely. The art list tense on walls a camouflage grid, models of helicopters under a ceiling which neither is a lot of, nor represents the Afghan sky a little, tops of mountains rest against it - all this creates feelings of stay on a place of events. Two windows are closed by blinds with a picturesque landscape from which heart at everyone who happened in Afghanistan misses a bit. There was a potbelly stove with smoldering firewood, and a dummy in the form of the Soviet soldier - the internationalist who so impressed visitors, got a parachute. Here the eternal flame moved.

All space on walls now is occupied by exhibits of the mobile photo exhibition which has finished the work - about 250 works. But, as Alexander Tokarev assured, the exhibition is always ready to continuing the way and to leave in any place or the settlement according to the first requirement.

All equipment of an exhibition made by the company of the most active participant of the Afghan movement of Victor Dzevitsky, is in working order. Pictorial works and Sergey Bashkirov's pencil drawings became the real decoration of the museum.

And, perhaps, the most powerful emotional splash expects visitors when viewing the videos made of chronicles of the Afghan war. Add here music, and you won't be able to remain indifferent. There are also the exhibits devoted to events in other hot spots. On perimeter of the room tags of 26 countries where the Soviet soldiers - internationalists served are hanged out.

It is obvious that the museum not "for show" in documents was created. Of the union are sure that will be able to support in it "life", that is to update an exposition. In this respect there are many plans and creative plans. While prepare for a ceremonial opening. In the same day, on December 15, in the union have to hand over awards - three medals "For Services in Battle" to fighters who were recommended for these decorations even in the years of the Afghan campaign, but for various reasons didn't receive them. The got lost awards will be received by Ivan Konak (Domanevsky area), Pyotr Leshchinsky (May Day р - N), Mikhail Gushy (Bashtansky р - N).

As the vice-chairman of the union Alexander Aleksandrovich Zavrazhin reported, to a ceremony will arrive delegation "Fighting brotherhood" from Moscow and representatives of consulate of Russia in Odessa.To be present at delivery of medals and opening of the museum the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha and the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika plan also, reports the Ukrainian union of veterans of Afghanistan.


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