The Nikolaev regionals cowardly supported the member of the same party Dyumin who contrary to the law and opinion of inhabitants self-willedally builds up the city

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Inhabitants of houses who are located around Komsomolskaya St. crossing and so forth Lenin visited meeting of the deputy commission on questions of architecture, constructions and regulations of the land relations which is headed by the deputy - Byutovets Vadim Merikov.

The question of cancellation of the lease contract of the territory of the square was submitted for meeting of this commission on Komsomolskaya St. crossing and so forth Lenina. We will remind that this square is in rent at the deputy of city council from Party of Regions, the businessman Anatoly Dyumin. Which year the square is built up with malls of the extending Ukraine market which owner too is the above-named honourable citizen Dyumin.

The deputy of the City Council from Party of Regionsbecame "The reason of activity of people"Anatoly Dyumin- the businessman who, taking direct part in creation of legislative documents of city council, itself these documents also breaks. In its address from inhabitants there were many complaints.

"A site before our houseTo Dyuminallocated for gardening, - I told during commission meeting the inhabitant of the house on Komsomolskaya St. - And it instead cemented a lawn". Inhabitants are revolted that under their windows the deputy builds malls and puts stalls.

The representative of management of architecture told that the project of branch of a site, at the expense of which nowAnatoly Dyuminexpands the market, provides regeneration with gardening and the device of children's attractions, children's game pavilion, children's cafeteria and a public toilet. Instead inhabitants received the concreted lawn. Besides, at the request of dealers in colorsAnatoly DyuminI constructed for them pavilion - on a place where according to documents, there has to be a recreational zone.

From members of the commission it is most againstDyuminaacted ByutovetsOleg Mudrakand the deputy from Green PartyAlexander Zholobetsky.

Oleg MudrakI emphasized that actually Dyumin breaks the coordinated project documentation.

The inhabitants who were present at meeting, suggested to terminate withDyuminthe lease contract and to transfer the territory under improvement to somebody to another.

- I consider, - toldAlexander Zholobetsky, - that members of the commission need to leave into place, to invite there land inspection and to record inappropriate use of lands. On the basis of it to terminate the lease contract.

- And after cancellation of the contract to give to this earth the square status, - I supported himOleg Mudrak.

They were supported also by the head of department of land resourcesAlexander Moroz.

Head of the commissionVadim MerikovI suggested to prepare the claim in court about lease contract cancellation because session of the City Council can't independently dissolve the contract. And before they are to appeal in all instances once again to check a situation on a place.

Anybody on the commission didn't speak in support ofAnatoly Dyumin.

As a result, when a question submitted for vote, from 11 present members of the commission five voted pro. When the head of the commission asked who against, nobody raised a hand. Four refrained. The decision isn't made.

We will note that the majority of members of the commission - representatives of Party of Regions - colleaguesAnatoly Dyumin. From 17 people who officially work in this commission, regionals - 8, Byutovtsev - 3, representatives of Green Party - 2, and on one person from Russia party, KPU, Blok of Natalya Vitrenko, the Nikolaev for Vladimir Chaika block.

- In that case, - I toldVadim Merikovafter vote, - we will prepare the address on session from BYuT, - and added, addressing to present inhabitants, - think in the future for whom you vote.

As soon as inhabitants left a conference hall, members of the commission paid attention to the present journalist "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT".

Vadim MerikovI told that meeting of the commission is closed and the journalist who wants to be present on it, has to warn about it in advance. Therefore deputies decided to vote - whether the journalist can remain at meeting or not. While correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" I expected behind a door, five deputies - regionals spoke categorically against press presence. The decision not to let on meeting of the representative of mass media is made.

By the way, even prior to meeting the deputy - the regionalSergey Zhayvoronok, having seen, how many people - not deputies came to a conference hall, told all to leave, and to enter only when their question will be considered. People waited all the time, standing under a door.


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