From tomorrow at the Nikolaev schools for 10 days quarantine is declared!

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As reported "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" the vice-the governorVladimir Lusta,from tomorrow in Nikolaev will be вводен quarantine for school educational institutions for 10 days. As of yesterday 14 schools in area, separately 36 school classes, 2 kindergartens were closed.

Vladimir ViktorovichI told that quarantine won't influence carrying out street New Year's Eve children's holidays, and here on actions in institutions restriction will be entered. According to the vice-the governor, a drugstore and medical institutions are provided with medicines, and such agiotage as was at the first wave, it isn't expected. Besides, according to him, to pricing in drugstores some loyalty will be shown from the authorities and competent services.

As the chief облздраваconfirmedSvetlana Grigoryevna Hotina, the decision was made yesterday on the extraordinary commission and treats only schools of the city and some regions of area, gardens and higher educational institutions work.

As of 16 hours on December 14 in the field of ORVI and flu 1289 people fell ill that on 10 thousand population makes - 10,8. In total since the beginning of epidemic 43 282 persons fell ill that on 10 thousand population makes 361,9, reports the Regional center of health.


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